AEW’s biggest problem

AEW is still fine, but this past week’s number has been, I think, the biggest cause for concern thus far. Regardless of how they’re doing, or what metrics we use, there’s one booking pattern that has been bugging me.
Especially with Lucha Bros losing again, it feels like the underlying philosophy of the booking is that the greater a talent you are, the more you can afford to lose. Personally, I’ve always hated this philosophy. Guys are only ever bulletproof up to a certain point. Your best guys, your Austins, Rocks, Hogans, etc. need to fucking win.
If I could see one change, it’d be to have the Lucha Bros, Bucks, and Kenny win the next 90% or more of their matches. So far, only Jericho and Mox are getting that kind of correct treatment. 

I agree.  I know the thinking is that, for example, they want to build up the Best Friends as a contender, but the Lucha Brothers should not be used as stepping stones.  They're the last guys on the ladder, not the first.  It's really weird to be in a situation where we're having to beat the drum about the owners of a promotion not being booked strongly enough, but it's particularly mystifying in the case of someone like Kenny Omega, who looks like a goof much of the time in his own promotion.