WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 7th, 1994

August 7, 1994

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Corey Student

DiBiase says that his team of Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS are ready for The Headshrinkers at SummerSlam. Sharpe bounces off of Fatu twice then rakes the eyes. Fatu then fires away as Sharpe is tied up in the ropes then pulls him out and kicks him in the groin. Student tags in and gets double-teamed in the corner. The Headshrinkers continue to work over Student until Fatu puts him away with a top rope splash (2:48). DiBiase says he is not concerned about The Headshrinkers because they are morons and guarantees his team will be the next Tag Team Champions.

Thoughts: Just some hype for the Tag Team Title match at SummerSlam. And with a just slapped together team as the challengers, added to the fact there has not been a single confrontation or even an insert promo between the teams, there is zero heat for this bout.


Also in action this week are Bam Bam Bigelow, Diesel, Tatanka, and The Bushwhackers. Plus, an interview with Owen Hart.


We are shown the Leslie Nielsen bit from last week where he missed The Undertaker delivering his Domino’s pizza.


Ted DiBiase w/ Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Dwight Polk

Lane says that Luna was bought out by DiBiase and used the money to buy Bull Nakano. At least there is some explanation to the Bigelow/Luna split.  Bigelow tosses Polk with one hand as Lane talks about the Blayze/Nakano title match at SummerSlam. Bigelow stays in control as DiBiase laughs at Polk, saying he should have stayed at home. Lane talks about DiBiase adding to his corporation as Bigelow hits a slam then follows with three straight falling headbutts. Bigelow taunts the crowd before punching Polk down then he uses the Million Dollar Nightmare and after that hits a moonsault for the win (2:54). After the match, DiBiase hands Bigelow a wad of cash.

Thoughts: Lane was putting over DiBiase and the Women’s Title match at the PPV.


We are shown the end of last week’s Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund match from Superstars, where Backlund attacked Bret after losing.


Tatanka vs. Duane Gill

DiBiase returns to brag about Bigelow’s moonsault as Gill bails after taunting Tatanka. DiBiase then says his man, Lex Luger, will take Tatanka’s feathers but Lane said Luger admitted on the “Heartbreak Hotel” he has nothing to do with DiBiase. Tatanka now works over Gill as we hear Tatanka in an insert promo saying Luger sold out and will not be able to enjoy his gifts and cash. DiBiase says that Tatanka is jealous and will pay the price at SummerSlam as Gill avoids an elbow drop. Gill tries a few turnbuckle smashes but Tatanka starts to fire up then runs wild before the Renegade Drop gets the win (2:45). Lane talks about Luger and Tatanka being friends and is concerned but DiBiase says that Luger’s new friend is money.

Thoughts: DiBiase is still trying to convince us that Luger has signed with him despite Luger himself denying these allegations. And Tatanka is trying to tell us that Luger has in fact sold out. The whole storyline is out of left field and seemed fishy at the jump which makes you think its all leading to a Tatanka turn.


WWF Live Event News segment on the Summer Sizzler tour.


Diesel w/ Shawn Michaels vs. Gary Sabaugh

Diesel gets fireworks coming out of the ring posts for his ring entrance. Shawn holds up a fan’s arm and tells him it takes more than a glove to be “Big Daddy Cool.” Diesel beats the crap out of Sabaugh in the corner then chokes him out against the ropes. Lane breaks the news to DiBiase that Walter Payton will be in Razor Ramon’s corner at SummerSlam as DiBiase says its not fair because Payton does not have a license to be at ringside. Diesel hits a side slam as DiBiase says Diesel can handle Razor by himself as Diesel hits a big boot then hits the Jackknife for the win (2:42).

Thoughts: This was about the announcers hyping Payton’s SummerSlam appearance in Razor’s corner to build more heat for the Intercontinental Title match.


The announcers plug the latest edition of “WWF Magazine” with Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart on the cover and an article on Diesel.


SummerSlam Report with Todd Pettengill.


The latest Leslie Nielsen installment airs as he is traveling the world looking for clues.


The Bushwhackers vs. George South & Tyrone Knox

South beats on Butch for a bit until he runs into a punch in the gut. Knox runs in and gets worked over as The Bushwhackers clean house. The Bushwhackers continue to work over Knox until they put him away with the Battering Ram (1:32). After the match, The Bushwhackers lick the referee as DiBiase says he would not spend a nickel on them.

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers are just here to kill time. They are still a lower level team in the company but not with any sort of push. They would wrestle against Well Dunn a lot on the house show circuit throughout the fall.


The New Generation ad with Bret Hart airs.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart to the interview platform. Neidhart tells Rougeau that Owen shall be referred to as the “King of Harts” as Rougeau calls Neidhart out for being the reason Owen won the King of the Ring. Neidhart then sets the record straight on the rumors he caused Owen to turn against his family and that he helped Bret keep the belt so the best Hart of all could win it at SummerSlam. Owen is then asked about his match at SummerSlam. Owen said Bret used to bully him as a kid and their dad would make them go to the dungeon to fight and when he got older, he would beat Bret and there was nowhere for him to run and that will happen in the cage at SummerSlam. Now, Bret comes out as Owen says he has a lot of guts coming out. Owen says he can beat him now if he wanted but without the title at stake he will not wrestle him and Bret knows this, making him a coward. Bret tells his little brother that while he feels good and think he is smart, he’s nothing but a disgrace to the family. Bret then says he feels sorry for his sister over marrying Neidhart and how he will have to sit on the outside being helpless. Bret then addresses Owen’s claims about what happened in the dungeon and said Owen was the one who always cried to leave. Bret says that Owen only won that one match and believes it was fluke as Owen is now angered. Bret says at “The SummerSlam,” Owen will have to prove otherwise and claims to never lose to him again. Good segment with Bret coming out to confront both men and disprove their claims. `The build to this match with the added family dynamic continues to be one of the few true highlights of the year.


IRS vs. John Paul

IRS says he is sick of the crowd complaining and that it’s time to pay up. DiBiase is still on commentary and calls IRS one of his good friends. Lane says that Paul is a seasoned athlete as IRS hammers away. Paul comes back with a sunset flip for a two count but IRS immediately puts him in the dreaded abdominal stretch. IRS misses a charge in the corner as Paul uses a school boy for another two count. IRS now uses a front face lock as DiBiase puts over IRS’s abilities and how he bought him Bigelow to make him a Tag Team Champion once again. IRS hits a suplex after pulling up Paul to break a pin attempt then uses The Penalty for the win (2:50).

Thoughts: Since DiBiase is not accompanying IRS to the ring and how he called him a “good friend” on commentary its unclear as to whether or not IRS is an official member of The Corporation.


Another WWF Live Event News segment on the Summer Sizzler Tour.


Next week, we will hear from Paul Bearer. Plus, an interview with Razor Ramon. In action are Mabel, Jeff Jarrett, and more!


Final Thoughts: The interview was the true highlight of the show with the rest just squash matches and basic SummerSlam hype. Challenge will not get anymore exciting as we approach the new year, unfortunately.