*hot tag* girls scream

I've seen you bring this up a few times before, but what happened to the shrieking girls in the audience? They've really been gone since the Hardy Boyz/E&C days. Although he's one of my favorite performers, it's not like Christian back in the day was Brad Pitt in tights. So it clearly isn’t that the Attitude era wrestlers were somehow hotter than the Finn Balors of today. Have we simply skipped a generation and families aren't bringing their teens/pre-teens to the shows? Is Instagram a factor since we know that Seth Rollins is engaged and that Roman Reigns is a family man? That has got to take away some of the intrigue and mystery that was there before social media, right? 

Maybe, but groups like BTS and One Direction are still a thing in the age of social media, so I don't think that's necessarily the answer.  I think it's more that the audience is getting really old and WWE is lousy at making babyfaces.  It's a bad combination.