Hart/Michaels Bret Michaels rumor

Hey Scott,

I've heard this one a lot over the years… wondering if there is any truth to the old rumor that the WWF was getting Bret Michaels (the singer) in as a special guest referee for the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels rematch at King of the Ring '97 before that one fell apart? If so, was there any plan as to how his involvement would go down? Or did they not make it that far into the planning before the match got called off? I've heard he was supposed to be playing both sides because of the whole name thing (ala Jerry Seinfeld/Lewis if Seinfeld couldn't find the cuff links). Shame this didn't happen, it would have been a slam dunk from a marketing perspective. WCW probably would have folded 4 years early.

That would be a new one on me.