Wrestler(s) That Grew On You?

What wrester(s) did you really not like a first, but they ended up growing on you as time wore on?  I was like that with JBL and his initial singles run as World Champion on Smackdown in 2004.  Like most everyone else, I thought he was given too much too quickly.  However, by the end of his title reign I had come to enjoy his work as an upper-tier heel.  
The obvious answer is Joe Gomez.  At first I only kind of loved him for his stellar mic work and great hair, but then as time went on I really grew to appreciate the nuances of his character and his relationship with Renegade as WCW peeled back the layers like an onion.  The endless **** matches were just a bonus on top of everything else, like the delicious cream cheese on the bagel of Gomez.