NXT Technical Question

I can put in an obligatory joke about the size of my TV's display, but this is a legitimate question that I doubt you'd know the answer to, but hopefully one of the readers might:
Is there a difference in the type of cameras used between the hard camera and the ringside ones? I've been watching NXT and the ringside cameras seem to be at a higher frame rate (or they're doing some sort of motion smoothing) and the hard camera seems to have a more traditional presentation. I don't watch the Raw or Smackdown so I don't know if this is happening across the board, but I don't know why their cameras aren't consistent within the same show.
Of course, I could be imagining the whole thing.

I don't notice it on RAW or PPVs, but Smackdown definitely uses a different presentation style.  NXT might be different because Full Sail is primarily a training school for broadcasting?  If only baconman was still around to watch it on his 96" 16K screen and break down the technical differences.