Favorite Mini-Feud?

Did you ever have a favorite mini-feud in wrestling?  One of mine had to be Shelton Benjamin vs Snitsky for the WWE I.C. Title in 2005 on Raw.  It lasted 3 weeks.  One week saw Snitsky get DQ'ed for hitting Benjamin with a chair.  The next week saw Benjamin get D.Q.'ed for using a chair on Snitsky.  In the 3rd week a match was made that had the stipulation that Benjamin would lose the I.C. Title if he was disqualified again, which ended with Shelton pinning Snitsky clean.  No overstaying the program between the 2 like we see today, and it helped get Benjamin over as I.C. Champ for beating a monster.  

Don't remember that at all.  However, I do recall lots of smaller feuds from Crockett, where you'd have the overarching story of Flair v. Whoever or Rock N Roll Express v. Midnight Express as the big picture, but they'd also do little 2 week builds for house show feuds and then blow them off right away and move onto something else.  That used to be a big part of the presentation that worked really well.