Hi Scott,

Why do factions not seem to last long at all in WWE? I was watching some njpw recently and was reminded that Chaos has been around in one way or another for 10 years.

Okada and a Naito are big singles stars but their association with their factions (chaos and lij) doesn’t weigh them down.

Before it got bloated and corporate as a youngster I thought the “ministry” worked ok.

I realise it’s a different product and production (weekly tv shows vs tours with tournaments and breaks) but are the audiences just conditioned to expect a breakup and feud within a few weeks ? Is it a Vince taste thing? What do you think?

I think it's a combination of lazy booking and short attention span from Vince.  Lazy booking in that they'll put together a group and then they're like "Dammit, we need something to fill a couple of months.  Well, break up that group and they can feud for a bit."  Or short attention span like when Braun Strowman turned heel for like two weeks there and led the group of heels and then they were just like "Nah" and turned him back again.