WWF Superstars – August 6th, 1994

August 6, 1994

From the Ocean City Convention Center in Ocean City, MD

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

We see Jeff Jarrett attack 1-2-3 Kid two weeks ago after their match, setting up this week’s rematch.


“King of Harts” Owen Hart w/ Jim Neidhart vs. Mike Khoury

Ross says Owen & Neidhart have torn the Hart family apart as Lawler makes fun of Helen & Stu Hart. Owen takes Khoury down with a waist lock as we see an insert of Owen & Neidhart on the cover of “WWF Magazine.” Owen now applies a chin lock as the announcers hype Owen vs. Bret for the title at SummerSlam. Owen yanks Khoury down on the mat then yells how he is the king. Khoury fights back in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Owen then uses a bulldog to set up for a missile dropkick then uses the Sharpshooter for the win (2:51). After the match, Owen snaps his glasses off of Khoury’s face then does it again for good luck.

Thoughts: A win to put over Owen as a challenger for Bret’s title and keep the Owen & Neidhart vs. Hart Family feud going strong. Owen’s heel work has been one of the highlights of all 1994.


We once again see Leslie Nielsen behind his desk scene from last week.


Heartbreak Hotel with guest Lex Luger. We hear Luger take exception to Shawn claiming Ted DiBiase owns him. Shawn then calls out Luger for meeting with DiBiase and making it an offer, both of which Luger confirms. Shawn then asks him off the record how much the offer was but Luger resents the question. Shawn then asks Luger about his new Rolex and Mercedes but Luger said that’s none of his business. Luger said he is here to talk about SummerSlam. After beating Tatanka, he will tell us there was no price met by DiBiase then he walks away to slap hands with the fans as Lawler laughs about seeing right through this. They were supposed to cast doubt on Luger proclaiming his innocence but the presentation of this storyline has been terrible and I don’t think anyone is buying it and as a result everyone involved becomes less over.


Jim Powers vs. Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman

Lawler says that Luger was lying and that the moron fans deserve it but Ross disagrees on both. Kwang hammers away but Powers comes back with a crossbody for a two count. Powers hammers away but gets caught with a spinning heel kick in the corner. Kwang spits his mist into the air then we get a reversal sequence ending with Kwang hitting another spinning heel kick for the win (1:21).

Thoughts: A quick win for Kwang as the announcers talked mostly about the Luger storyline and did not mention the Kwang/Bomb feud.


WWF Live Event News once again about the Summer Sizzler Tour.


Jeff Jarrett vs. 1-2-3 Kid

We see Jarrett mocking Kid for being a chicken and see Kid not coming out from the entrance but we then see Kid come out from the crowd to attack Jarrett in the ring. Kid knocks Jarrett outside then brushes off the ref and flies out with a pescado. Kid comes off of the apron but gets caught and Jarrett turns that into a hotshot against the guardrail. The crowd gets behind Kid, who hits a running dropkick in the corner for a two count. Kid is all fired up and gets a sunset flip for two after Jarrett blocked a piledriver. Kid chops away but ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Jarrett misses a flying fist drop then misses an elbow drop and Kid puts him in a small package for a nearfall. Kid ducks under a few elbows but Jarrett catches him in a sleeper. Kid escapes then puts on a sleeper of his own. Jarrett breaks that up but Kid catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Kid uses mounted punches in the corner but Jarrett takes him down then uses his feet on the ropes for a rollup and gets the win (4:51) **3/4. Referee Joey Marella runs out and tells the ref what happened but the ref did not reverse the decision as Jarrett runs backstage with both referees chasing after him as Kid walks up the aisle and sees the replay of the finish on the video wall and yells how its here for everyone to see.

Thoughts: Really good match for the time allotted with the crowd behind Kid all the way. The finish also played up Jarrett’s chickenshit heel gimmick but these two did have good chemistry together. Wish we had a longer televised match between them.


We get a replay of the finish from last week’s title match behind Bret Hart and Bob Backlund where Backlund slapped Bret after losing and put him in a chicken wing.


A young girl named Lauren Jones is the special guest ring announcer.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Ray Hudson

The announcers plug a house show in New Haven, CT before talking about the recent actions of Bob Backlund. Droese hits Hudson with a back suplex and continues to target the back. Hudson fights back in the corner but is whipped into the corner then hit with a clothesline. Droese yells about it being time to take out the trash, as Lawler jokes that means its time for Droese to take his in-laws to the movies, then Droese uses the Trash Compactor for the win (1:37). After the match, Droese uses his Royal Magistrator to draw a gas mask on himself to offset Droese’s odor when they wrestle.

Thoughts: Some hype for the Lawler/Droese house show matches while the announcers talked about Backlund.


SummerSlam Report with Todd Pettengill. We learn that Razor Ramon will have former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton in his corner for his match against Diesel. Also, we learn that Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano for the Women’s Title and The Headshrinkers vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS for the Tag Team Titles, and Mabel vs. Jeff Jarrett have been added to the show. And we have filled out the rest of the PPV card.


We see Nielsen around the world (in front of a green screen) who says he feels like he’s on to something. This was a waste of TV time. Not horrible but there was nothing at all to the segment.


Razor Ramon vs. Mike Haywood

Lawler says its not fair that Payton is allowed to be in Razor’s corner as Ross says Razor needs someone to offset Shawn Michaels. Razor hits Haywood with a fallaway slam then puts on an abdominal stretch. Razor then hits a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (2:23). After the match we see Razor admire his Razor’s Edge on the video wall then looks into the camera and tells Diesel to take a look at the new Intercontinental Champion.

Thoughts: They hyped up Razor vs. Diesel at SummerSlam with Walter Payton in the corner of Razor to keep Shawn Michaels in check.


Next week in action are The Undertaker, Headshrinkers, Bob Backlund, and the featured match of Adam Bomb vs. Timothy Well. Plus, Jim Cornette as guest on the “Heartbreak Hotel” and more.


Final Thoughts: We had a good featured match this week and learned of three new matches added to SummerSlam along with the addition of Walter Payton in Razor’s corner. The Luger segment on the Heartbreak Hotel did nothing to make this clunky storyline any better and next week’s show has a weak featured match as SummerSlam is just over three weeks away.