Billy Gunn and the Smoking Guns

With Billy Gunn back in the news in AEW, I have to ask: is there a reason why he never went back to the Smoking Guns/Cowboy gimmick? 

The Smoking Guns was a decent gimmick but I can understand Billy wanting to keep some surface level connection to the New Age Outlaws due to that being what pushed him over the top and becoming a  big star. Yet, at the same time, it would have been far far far better of a gimmick to have gone with instead of fucking "Mr Ass Man"; the sort of gimmick that kind of sums up the notion that the WWE really didn't want to push Billy Gunn as a solo star and gave him a nickname/theme that was almost certainly created so they could cause him to fail miserably and justify depushing the fuck out of him before it even began. 

Bonus points, they could have brought Bart Gunn back as Billy's enforcer/bodyguard and used him as a plot point for splitting DX up by having Bart's arrival create strife with Chyna and her feeling replaced by Bart, hence her going solo and going after the IC title and ultimately leaving DX and Triple H. 

Or do you think Billy, like X-Pac and other Attitude Era guys, was fucked regardless because with the arrival of Jericho and the impending arrival of the Radicals, the WWE no longer had to rely on the scraps and outcasts who they had no choice but to push hard in 1996-1999 and had actually GOOD talent to take over the midcard for them? And the Assman/Rock shitting on Billy like he did on TV, basically just them mercy killing Billy so they don't have to deal with him now that they had Jericho and others incoming to take his place?


Maybe they should have stuck with Rockabilly?