The Elite in AEW

One of the things that surprised me the most about AEW has been how willing the Elite have been to do jobs this early into the promotion. Cody lost a title shot to make MJF a monster heel, Omega got pinned by Jericho AND Moxley, the Young Bucks LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND in the tag team title tournament, and they used Page losing to set up Jericho as THE heel of AEW. 

It's a little surprising when we live in an industry where Hogan and Nash helped kill off WCW by refusing to do clean jobs, and HHH in WWE has its own history. Now, there's an argument that by jobbing this much, the Elite aren't the stars they should be, but it did help make guys like Private Party into non-Elite stars in AEW. Do you think making more stars is worth the Elite jobbing like they have been? 

Hopefully, but even so, they really need to start winning more.  But hey, they’re playing the long game with it and hopefully it pays off!