Indies and Insanity: November 28, 2019

Let’s make it quick, I got some pumpkin pie waiting…

Tonight’s Uncharted Territory episode is a tribute to Survivor Series!  The Buffalo Boys face Atticus Cogar, Eddy Only, Gregory Iron, and JJ Garrett!  Nick Gage and Jake Parnell captain teams of five!  Plus, a Discovery Gauntlet title match as Gary Jay defends against Aaron Rourke!

AIW in Ohio tomorrow does Hell on Earth!  Tom Lawlor defends the big gold against Josh Bishop!  Mance Warner and Nick Gage kill each other!  Plus, Alex Shelley, Eddie Kingston, Wheeler YUTA, and a guest appearance by Kevin Nash!

AAW Saturday night brings Unstoppable to Chicago!  Josh Alexander defends the big gold in the main event against Ace Romero!  Eddie Kingston battles Curt Stallion!  The Besties put the tag belts on the line against the Rascalz!

Saturday night is also CZW’s Night of Infamy in New Jersey!  Joe Gacy defends the big gold against AR Fox!  Jimmy Rave challenges for the secondary title!  Anthony Gangone must answer to Matt Tremont!  Plus Jimmy Lloyd, Bear Country, and more!

And your Indie Match of the Week is one I saw live in Washington, DC, that generated a bit of controversy for some reason… Faye Jackson gets one of her dream matches, facing off against Joey Ryan.  HIDE THE KIDS.

Bring the insanity!