What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – November 12, 1995

Gene Okerlund and Tony Schiavone are doing the studio work for this show.  They recap how the WCW title was held up on Monday Nitro.

Okerlund and Schiavone discuss the recent difficulties of Paul Orndorff.

Paul Orndorff (24-8) beats Dave Sullivan (9-7-1) after a piledriver at 6:17:

Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko call this match, which was taped at an old WCW Pro show.  Evidently Dusty Rhodes was hunting so he cannot be bothered to call this.  Punches, kicks, and chokes fill this encounter until Dave finds a second gear.  He puts his head down too early on a whip and Orndorff struggles to hit the piledriver to finish his dyslexic foe.  Rating:  ¼*

Okerlund and Schiavone joke about how annoying Bobby Heenan is and then they hype the Monday Nitro card.

The Last Word:  This was not a good weekend for WCW programming as most of the feature matches brought nothing to the table.  Paul Orndorff’s push remains in its own universe as he is not being programmed against anyone or placed in a title picture.

Backstage News*:        WCW is going to run a Hulk Hogan-Sting main event for Monday Nitro on November 20 in an effort to counter a post-Survivor Series bump that the WWF is likely to enjoy for Monday Night RAW.  Although the company is positioning Sting as a possible heel due to his alliance with Lex Luger it would be insane to turn him because he is the most over babyface in the company.

*Eric Bischoff was reportedly upset when the last Nitro went off the air because Luger repeatedly missed his cue to come into the ring and persuade Sting to break the Scorpion Deathlock on Ric Flair.

*WCW’s decision to take the world title off of Hogan and put it on the line at World War 3 in a battle royal was not a long-term booking choice and was likely done to strengthen the buyrate for a pay-per-view that lacked a big attraction.  Likely winners of the battle royal would be Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger, or the Giant, all of whom would draw big money against Hogan in future matches.  Flair could also be a possibility, but WCW made him a joke in the early part of 1995, and he needs time to be rehabilitated as a contender.

*In a follow up to last week’s report, WCW may not bring in outside talent for the battle royal, filling remaining slots with the Yeti, One Man Gang, a new Assassins tag team (composed of the Warlord and the Barbarian),  David Taylor, Bobby Walker, Pez Whatley, Mike Winner, and Kensuke Sasaki.  The other “giant” in the match will not be El Gigante but will either be One Man Gang or Hogan.

*WCW will be having a house show in Denver, Colorado on December 2 as a tribute to AWA promoter Gene Reed.

*Savage’s tricep tear was supposed to keep him out for several months so he could have surgery, but Savage has decided to avoid surgery and will work through it.

*In talent relations news, WCW has reportedly extended a six-month contract to the Public Enemy.  The Enemy are considering WCW’s offer more than the WWF because there are more teams to work with in WCW and backstage morale is better.  If they come to WCW they will likely be renamed “the Mac Daddy’s.”  Woman, who is Kevin Sullivan’s wife, is also headed back to the company, possibly replacing Sherri Martel as the manager of Harlem Heat.  Reports are that if Woman does not do this then she will be used to manage Diamond Dallas Page in his feud with Johnny B. Badd after the Diamond Doll switches to Badd’s side.  WCW also wants to bring in Konnan by January.

*Backstage news provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for November 13 and 20.

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