Monday Night Raw – June 27, 2005

Monday Night Raw
Date: June 27, 2005
Location: Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California
Attendance: 15,449
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman

It’s the night after Vengeance and that means it’s time to reset things for the long road to Summerslam. Batista and John Cena retained their World Titles and we should be in for a new set of challengers. Other than that, it’s going to be a big Diva Search night because we’re just that lucky. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Kurt Angle to get things going. Angle talks about the series with Shawn Michaels being tied and how much the fans here would love to see round three tonight. Well that isn’t going to happen because Angle wants to face Batista. Instead here’s Ric Flair to cut him off, saying that he is a mark (his word) for Angle. Kurt has gotten so great so fast that it’s unbelievable, but Angle saying he’s the man is a step too far.

Flair still sees HHH as the man, but Angle sees three losses to Batista and three strikes you’re out. Last night, Batista and HHH proved that they are great. Kurt: “You’re looking at great.” Flair goes into a crazed rant about how if Angle tries to shoot on him, he’ll poke an eye, bite a finger or grab a rather sensitive area and pull. Angle sets up a match for the two of them instead. A WOO off ensues with Flair leaving.

We get an exclusive clip from last night with Bischoff making Chris Jericho/Christian/Tyson Tomko vs. Cena/two mystery partners.

Edge and Snitsky come out for a tag match against Kane/one of the two Draft picks tonight but Kane attacks Edge before the partner comes out. They fight into the crowd so Bischoff says we’ll be having a singles match instead.

Big Show vs. Snitsky

Show stomps away in the corner to start and then sends him into the other corner for a bonus. A suplex sets up more corner stomping and the chokeslam finishes Snitsky in a hurry. Just a squash to remind you that Big Show is a monster.

Maria is interviewing John Cena but can’t remember her questions. She leaves to go think of them and Cena is a little flabbergasted. Cena talks about overcoming the odds last night and has one of his two partners for the night in the form of….Shawn Michaels. The other partner is on the way. Maria comes back in and remembers her question: did Cena find a partner? Shawn: “You’re doing spectacular.”

Edge and Lita try to leave but Kane is in the dressing room to choke Lita. A lot of threats are made with Kane promising that this is just the beginning. Shouldn’t Edge realize that Lita has taken a long time to pick up a bag?

Masterlock Challenge, $14,000, Tajiri jumps Masters but loses anyway, mist to Masters.

It’s time for Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito is making changes around here, including replacing the Highlight Reel as the new big show. However, he can’t do all good things because his guest tonight is the final Draft pick: Rob Van Dam, who is still injured. Carlito calls him a lemon but Van Dam yells about Carlito being beaten down in the ring by the ECW locker room.

Van Dam liked giving a piece of his mind back at One Night Stand so he’s going to keep doing it here. He is one of the most influential names in wrestling and Carlito needs to get ready for Raw to be taken to the extreme. His knee is getting better, so Carlito kicks him in the leg crushes it against a table. We get some apple spitting for a bonus.

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair

Angle headlocks him down to start but it’s an early standoff. Flair is back up with some strutting and WOOing before sending Angle over the top. That means a chop against the barricade, followed by some fish hooking of all things back inside. Angle takes him down so Flair goes for the eye to drive him back into the corner.

They head back outside with Angle going head first into the steps but coming right back with an overhead belly to belly. Back from a break with Angle working on the arm and knocking him back to the floor. Flair goes more carnal and bites the thumb a few times so Angle punches him in the face. An elbow to the face puts Angle down and Flair goes up because he’s not all that bright.

Angle knocks him to the floor and grabs the ankle lock back inside, only to have Flair grab his crotch. That’s enough for the break and a chop block puts Angle down. The Figure Four has Angle in trouble until the roll to the ropes gets him out of trouble. The leg is fine enough for a German suplex but Flair kicks him low again. Angle isn’t having any more of this and picks the ankle for the ankle lock with the grapevine being enough to make Flair tap.

Rating: B. This was rather entertaining with Flair doing everything he could to stop Angle and eventually sending Angle into his top level stuff to finish him off. Flair cheating like crazy to hang with him was impressive and the way he should be doing things at this point. Above all else though, it was nice to see Flair getting to show how great he is without having everything be about HHH for once.

Smackdown Rebound.

Here are Coach and Christy Hemme to introduce the Diva Search finalists. The eight women (Ashley, Leyla, Summer, Krystal, Elizabeth, Simona, Cameron, Alexis) and Christy talks about how awesome it is to be a Diva. Coach is ready to explain tonight’s competition but here’s Viscera to interrupt. He talks about how they all have work to do and gyrates his hips.

The challenge tonight: thirty seconds to tell us about yourselves in your underwear. It’s exactly what it sounds like, though Leyla isn’t wearing anything under her dress so she can’t really participate. Alexis on the other hand, carrying a purse, sounds rather angry and pours a beer over herself. The fans boo this whole thing rather soundly. Dancing with Viscera ensues but here’s Sgt. Slaughter to say that next week, on the 4th of July, there is going to be a bikini boot camp, including an obstacle course. This went on FAR too long and is setting a lower bar than last year.

Batista talks about how the Cell took something from him that he may never get back. It was worth it though.

Christian, Jericho and Tomko aren’t sure who the partner could be. Marty Jannetty is in jail and Kevin Nash would tear a hamstring reaching for the phone, but they are close to Hollywood and….nah.

Christian/Tyson Tomko/Chris Jericho vs. John Cena/Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan

Yeah that works. Shawn handles Hogan’s entrance and Cena drops to his knees in shock. I’d say Hogan has earned that level of respect. Joined in progress with Jericho charging into a boot in the corner and getting his head knocked off with a clothesline. It’s off to Shawn for the chops and the forearm into the nip up. A cheap shot from the apron slows him down though and we’re into the full on house show formula with the villains taking over, including the rotating stomps.

Jericho grabs the chinlock before kneeing Shawn in the ribs as the fans want Hogan. The Lionsault misses though and there’s your hot tag so Hogan can clean house. Jericho’s shot from behind puts Hogan down so Cena takes Jericho to the floor. It’s Hulk Up time with Shawn superkicking Christian, leaving Tomko to take the most famous two move sequence of all time (or second only to the kick to the gut/Stunner) for the pin.

Rating: D+. That is what Hogan is made for at this point in his career: get a big reaction for his entrance, stand on the apron and play cheerleader, get the hot tag and do his signature stuff. Cena’s reaction when Hogan was revealed was great and they had a perfectly watchable house show style main event. Now that might be out of place on Raw, but it’s Hogan and he can get away with anything for me.

A lot of posing closes the show.

Overall Rating: D. What was that? This was a one match and one surprise show with nothing else going on. There was barely any fallout from Vengeance and nothing remotely mentioned for Summerslam (fair enough), with the two Draft picks being as midcard as you can get. Then there’s the Diva Search, which was as lame as you can get. Terrible waste of time here, though Flair vs. Angle is good and I can always go for a Hogan cameo.

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