Do we have to do a women’s division?

I saw that Kenny omega did an observer interview where he talked about finding more time for the women’s division and it got me to thinking why? First of all of the top twenty women wrestlers in the world, the wwe probably has 19 of them under contract. Wrestlers like Lacey Evans and Kari sane would immediately upgrade the talent pool for aew and wwe has such an embarrassment of riches that they are basically treated as afterthoughts on their respective shows. While greatly improved in the last few years the depth of talent in women’s wrestling will not support essentially 4 top promotions and the independents so why try? The quality of the women’s segments is just not there for the aew show. The only thing Britt Baker has going for her is she’s a dentist and their champ is 60 pounds and looks ridiculous when trying to make her offense believable. Why not just punt and use the extra time for tag team wrestling and have that be your calling card? 

First up, LACEY EVANS?!
Anyway, I do agree with the general notion.  It really feels like AEW has a women's division because they're "supposed" to have one, rather than having a compelling roster and people demanding to see them showcased.  I know they're super-high on Britt Baker (and I like her as well) but really without a Tessa Blanchard or other compelling star, there's no overriding need for the division.  Riho is great but you could drop the entire division tomorrow and the show would still be of equal quality.