What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – November 11, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are in the booth and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, these matches were taped on October 18 and 25.

Opening Contest:  Chris Kanyon pins the Disco Inferno (7-4) with a schoolboy roll up at 5:47:

Dusty campaigns for a spot in the sixty-man World War 3 battle royal.  Since WCW needed stars to fill out the roster putting an older Dusty in the match as a legend would not have been the worst idea so long as Dusty did not get to throw out someone important like the Giant.  Fans work up loud “Disco sucks” chants, with Schiavone and Dusty doing a poor job convincing fans that the crowd is actually saying “Disco duck.”  Disco beat Kanyon on the October 21 edition of Worldwide and he cruises through much of the match, although Kanyon shows a ton of potential with a creative backbreaker reversal out of a sleeper and a seamless Northern lights suplex after he avoids a clothesline.  Just as Schiavone puts over Kanyon as a rising star, he catches Disco off guard with a schoolboy when Disco dances and Kanyon gets his first win in a major promotion.  Rating:  *½

Eddy Guerrero (7-2-2) beats Bobby Starr after a frog splash at 3:13:

Starr’s nickname is now “Loverboy” since his prior “Hollywood” name failed to garner notoriety or success.  His cause is not helped by Dusty calling him a “red headed stepchild.”  Guerrero uses a missile dropkick and brainbuster to set up the frog splash and garner another win.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (38-9) beats Ron Thompson via submission to the Code Red at 4:58:

Thirty minutes into the broadcast Dusty has completely lost his mind, going off the rails about the Washington Redskins inability to defeat the Dallas Cowboys, knowing secrets about Schiavone’s home life, and how he is going to shut down Saturday Night if Thompson beats Pittman.  After stretching Thompson for a long time – giving Schiavone time to go through almost every match on the World War 3 card – Pittman locks in the Code Red.

Big Bubba Rogers (28-10-2) pins Steve Armstrong (0-3) after the Big Bubba Slam at 4:33:

Since World War 3 is approaching, this match tries to put over Rogers striking prowess.  He bullies Armstrong for much of the match, with Armstrong getting a sunset flip hope spot and near-fall with a splash off the top rope.  Rogers uses a right hand to turn the tide and plants him with the Big Bubba Slam for the pin.  After the match, Rogers tapes his fist and knocks Armstrong out.  Rating:  ½*

In the Dungeon of Doom, the Master and Kevin Sullivan are flanked by the Giant and the Yeti.  The Giant warns Hulk Hogan that he is going to be their target at World War 3.  Sullivan tells Randy Savage and Sting that Hogan is no friend of theirs and they are welcome to join the Dungeon.

The American Males (10-2) defeat the Barrio Brothers (2-10) when Marcus Bagwell pins Fidel Sierra after a flying body press at 6:22:

Simple run of the mill tag match here, with the Males staggering the Barrios early, only to have the Barrios isolate Scotty Riggs and work his leg.  A four-way brawl gets triggered after the hot tag, with Bagwell breaking up a spike piledriver effort and pinning Sierra with a flying body press.  Rating:  **¼

Fans are treated to the debut of the Disco Inferno’s new dancing video.  It features some clips of Disco promos on a disco dance floor as his theme music plays.  This was hyped for weeks and it only takes thirty seconds to get through.

Dean Malenko (2-2) beats Todd Morton via submission to a heel hook at 4:43:

The problem with cruiserweight squashes is that the main star is about the same size as the man they are facing and many of their maneuvers do not come off as devastating enough to put the jobber away.  This issue is reinforced here, with Malenko using a powerbomb as a simple transition move and then failing to focus his offense on one body part.  A random heel hook puts Morton away.

In a taped promo, Brian Pillman announces that the Four Horsemen have found a fourth man that will enable them to challenge Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Sting.  Anderson echoes these sentiments and welcomes Chris Benoit as the newest member.  Benoit comes on camera and tells Sting that he is marked and he will find out why Benoit is called the Crippler.  Why was Ric Flair not in this segment?  As the faction’s leader it seems strange that he would not be around when a new member was introduced.

Arn Anderson (24-12-2) pins Kurasawa (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (11-1) after a DDT at 7:21

Slow strikes dominate this match before Brian Pillman comes out to talk with Parker and tries to bribe him.  Kurasawa puts Anderson in the Fujiwara armbar, but Anderson gets to the ropes and when the referee is concerned with the Pillman-Parker interaction, Chris Benoit runs out and gives Kurasawa a side suplex on the floor.  That dazes the Japanese star so that when he gets into the ring he quickly succumbs to a DDT.  Aside from the fun interference, this was terrible.  Rating:  ½*

In a taped promo entitled “Terror on Church Street,” Hulk Hogan, dressed as the Grim Reaper with a scythe and black mask, talks with Randy Savage, who is similarly dressed.  They look ridiculous ranting about darkness and how Savage will bring Hogan the head of Meng from Monday Nitro.  Hogan is such a great friend that he tells Savage that he is going to sit in the shadows and watch what Savage does.  In other words, Savage gets to do the work while Hogan plays dark games with himself.  At the end of the segment, Hogan gives Savage a tiger’s eye.  Seriously, Hogan gives Savage an EYEBALL and Savage looks completely transfixed on it as the segment ends.  B-level movies are better than these promos.

Tune in next week to see Eddy Guerrero face Chris Benoit!  Also, Sting faces Bunkhouse Buck and Harlem Heat will be in action!

The Last Word:  Drugs or something have completely overwhelmed Hulk Hogan’s mind, as evidenced by the strange promos and segments we are getting from him since Halloween Havoc.  Chris Benoit’s appearance in the Horsemen came out of nowhere as he only recently debuted but he will bring some workrate to the group.  Aside from these things, this show had too many long squashes and poor feature matches.

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