NXT and the Main Roster

So I think everyone sort of understands at this point that a lot of the people who come through NXT get their pushes totally screwed up once they get to the main roster, and that most of them in very quick order become just another guy/girl.

Well, after War Games last night, both Finn Balor and Kevin Owens looked "special" again. At least for one night in front of that crowd.

My question is, do you think they could make a routine of this not that NXT is on tv? Take guys that have stalled out or been misused, put them back in NXT for a while where the booking actually makes sense, and rehab their image before moving on again? Or do you think this would generally end up feeling too much like a demotion? If we continue to get matches like last night I'll be fine with it either way, but it kind of seems like something they could work to their favor. 

I think that as long as Vince is determined to screw with AEW we'll see him doing whatever is needed to win, yes.  Long as we get great TV shows out of it, bring it on.