Strong Style Saturday Thread – 11.23.19

Tonight!  It’s NXT Takeover, which frankly they’ve done a pretty lousy job of hyping in favor of putting all the effort into pushing Survivor Series instead.  All four advertised matches should be good, so I’ll probably enjoy it.

Tommy is attending all four shows this weekend so you’re likely stuck with me for recaps, although I’m not looking to be in a good position to have four hours free on Sunday to watch Survivor Series.  So we’ll see.

Since I haven’t plugged it in a while, check out my Patreon at, or there’s a handy button the side of the blog.  I’ve been posting extra e-mail questions there from time to time and taking suggestions for stuff, which is actually what led to me doing my retro run of Survivor Series and Royal Rumble earlier this week.

Cornette of course had a lot to say about getting fired/quitting/whatever.  He also blocked Brian Zane on Twitter!  Now that’s going too far.

Have a great Saturday and we’ll see you back in the evening thread for NXT.