Smackdown – June 23, 2005

Date: June 23, 2005
Location: Convention Center, Tuscon, Arizona
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

It’s time for another big showdown as we get the latest chapter in Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio. That’s certainly good enough for me as those two have been the best things about this show, if not this company, for a few months now. We also get the latest Draft pick tonight as Raw continues to take away a lot of the young, talented stars while sending Smackdown some good names but maybe not with the same amount of future potential. Let’s get to it.

We get a quick video on Eddie vs. Rey.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Randy Orton to open things up. Orton talks about having a reputation as the Legend Killer and that is something he has earned. Names such as Mick Foley, Harley Race, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Chris Benoit have all taken a knee to him, but that brings him to Undertaker. Back at Wrestlemania, Undertaker took advantage of his shoulder injury and Orton has been waiting ever since. Last week he got his revenge with an RKO to Undertaker, who is NOT here tonight.

Orton goes to leave but the lights go out and we see a clip of Undertaker beating Orton at Wrestlemania. The screen shows a Wrestlemania XXI graphic as we see Undertaker Tombstoning Orton. Cole: “This is from Wrestlemania XXI when Undertaker Tombstoned Randy Orton!”

The ring is starting to fill with smoke and there go the lights. The gong strikes and there’s Undertaker to send Orton bailing. Orton: “MY TERMS THIS TIME!” Didn’t he challenge Undertaker for Wrestlemania? Undertaker says death waits for no one and a lightning bolt nearly hits Orton. It was a good match at Wrestlemania so I’m down for a rematch.

Joey Mercury vs. Heidenreich

Fallout from last week’s MNM beatdown on Heidenreich. An early Nitro distraction doesn’t work as Heidenreich hammers Mercury into the corner and hits a backdrop. Nitro’s second bit of cheating works a bit better but earns him a big boot to the floor. Mercury and Heidenreich ram heads and a neckbreaker gives Mercury two. We hit the chinlock for as long as you would expect a chinlock to last here as Heidenreich busts out an armdrag of all things for the break. A clothesline puts Mercury on the floor but Melina gets in a slap, drawing out Michelle McCool to jump Melina after last week. The distraction lets Nitro hit a superkick to give Mercury the pin.

Rating: D+. Did Russo get to guest book a match here? We had three people interfering, multiple distractions and probably a mixed tag being set up in less than four minutes. And it was for a HEIDENREICH match! MNM continues to be a great act, but I’m scared to see who they are going to bring in for Heidenreich’s partner.

Rey really liked hurting Eddie last week and tonight he is going to make it even worse. He’s doing it for redemption.

Melina is furious while MNM is all like “yeah but we won”. They insist that no one is better than Melina, including that B list Diva Michelle. The challenge is on for next week.

JBL comes up to Theodore Long to ask about a rumored Smackdown Championship. If anyone deserves that, it is JBL because he beat Undertaker last week. Long has an announcement for later tonight and JBL is going to be pleased. As for now though, Long needs to keep talking to the Draft pick. JBL: “Just tell me his initials!”

Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London

London is defending and the lockup goes to the corner to start. Chavo sends him down and strikes the pose so London gives him some applause. London flips out of a backdrop though and snaps off a hurricanrana to put Chavo in trouble again. A backdrop puts Chavo on the floor….and it’s Juventud Guerrero, Psychosis and Super Crazy carrying a Mexican flag on a lawnmower. Psychosis sends Chavo into the steps for the DQ. There wasn’t much to the match in the first place and then a lot of it was spent looking at the entrance so there wasn’t enough to rate. But hey, at least London and the title are treated as nothing again.

Post match the beatdown is on and we hear about how awesome Mexico is. They even have a Mexican limo! They’re tired of working for us so from now on, you’re working for us. They are taking over America, WWE and the Cruiserweight division because they are the MEXICOOLS.

JBL is in the ring and talking about how it is morning again in America. Since his fluke loss at Wrestlemania, Smackdown has been without a real champion. That changes tonight though because he is Mr. Smackdown. It doesn’t matter what you believe or who you love because you can all bow at the feet of the wrestling god. Cue Booker T. instead, but JBL says he doesn’t have to bow.

Instead he can just shake JBL’s hand in congratulations but that isn’t happening either. Booker doesn’t think anyone should be named champion because they should fight for the honor. They should fight for the title tonight but here’s Chris Benoit to interrupt. He doesn’t want to hear from JBL either and we should have a triple threat for the title instead. JBL doesn’t like the sound of that but here’s Big Show to interrupt as well.

Show says JBL’s options are to make it a four way or get beaten up by all three of them. Cue Long with a covered up title to say JBL will be named Smackdown Champion….if he wins a five way challenge match. It will be the four here (JBL starts counting on his fingers) plus the Undertaker for the Smackdown Title.

Hang on though as here are Muhammad Hassan and Daivari (who were drafted together, though Matt Morgan apparently didn’t go to Raw with Carlito) to say Hassan should be champion. He had the longest undefeated streak in WWE history (uh…….) and didn’t even get a special welcome to the show.

Hassan brags about being awesome and points out that Benoit never beat him. Booker is a five time loser and Hassan could beat Big Show any night of the week. JBL is just like any other American: a big quitter. Hassan wants what he deserves so Long makes next week a six way. The beatdown is on with Hassan being thrown outside. Long isn’t done though and makes a match.

Muhammad Hassan vs. Big Show

Joined in progress with Show tossing him around with ease and standing on his chest for a bonus. Hassan gets sent to the apron so Show slams him right back inside. Cue Matt Morgan to do commentary because we need to hear this joke a few more times. There’s a delayed suplex and a headbutt as Morgan isn’t happy with Cole praising Show so much. Some running shoulders put Hassan down but Morgan comes in. That earns him a chokeslam but Hassan gets in a chair shot. A middle rope ax handle drives the chair into Show’s throat to give Hassan the pin.

Rating: D. This was a way to get Hassan a win while also setting up Show vs. Morgan down the line, at least in theory. The problem is that Hassan is less than a week away from losing to John Cena in about two minutes. How much of an impact can he make when he was squashed earlier in the week? And before he even has that much high level success in the first place?

We look at Mysterio beating Eddie at Wrestlemania. After that, Chavo started causing problems between Eddie and Rey, mainly by driving Eddie into insanity. Eddie even cost Rey a chance to become World Champion, with the team eventually splitting as Eddie went completely over the edge. It has gotten to the point where Eddie has even brought up Rey’s family, more or less threatening to leave them without a husband or father.

A serious Eddie doesn’t think Rey knows what he is capable of. The maniacal look in his eye is great.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

This feels big. Eddie bails to the floor to start before coming back in for a headscissors into a standoff. Eddie’s headscissors is countered again and you can see some early frustration. A top wristlock drives Eddie into the corner so he cranks on both arms at the same time. Rey gets out and hits a monkey flip to the floor, setting up the big dive as we take a break. Back with Rey hitting a dropkick and dropping a running leg for two.

The abdominal stretch goes on and there is a HUGE bruise on Eddie’s ribs. Well at least Rey was smart to go with the ribs hold. A seated abdominal stretch stays on the ribs but Eddie gets fired up and fights up. Rey gets tossed outside and Eddie sends him face first into the announcers’ table over and over. We come back from another break with Eddie holding a Gory Stretch.

A powerbomb gives Eddie a series of twos and it’s off to the camel clutch. Eddie sends him hard into the corner and glares at the fans for their 619 chants. Some choking sets up a full nelson but Rey gets out and snaps off a headscissors. Eddie clotheslines him down for two and the fans are right back behind Rey on the kickout.

Another camel clutch keeps Rey down and a backbreaker cuts off the comeback. The sitout bulldog gets Rey out of trouble and it’s a big boot into the springboard crossbody for two. Rey heads up top but gets crotched right back down, only to roll away from the frog splash. Eddie’s powerbomb is countered into the 619 and Rey Drops The Dime for the pin, guaranteeing Eddie is going to go even further over the edge.

Rating: A-. This was another great match between these two and there was no question that this would be good. They started out very smoothly with both guys looking like they were in for a wrestling match, but then the anger and jealousy drove Eddie insane and turned it into Rey trying to survive against the obsessed Eddie.

The story has turned it into something huge and the point that Eddie had reached before is going to be even worse than before. I’m curious to see how much worse it can get, but at the same time, it may have reached its peak with this, which was a big time match that more than delivered.

Eddie gives a pretty evil smile as Rey leaves.

A quick ad for the six way (elimination) match for the title ends the show.

Overall Rating: C+. It was a one match show and almost everything else (save for the Orton promo) was bad, but that was a heck of a match that got about half an hour counting entrances. Things are resetting with the Draft going on and I’m almost worried about how that title match is going to go next week. The Draft wrapping up should let things settle a bit, but once Rey vs. Eddie is done, I’m not sure what they are going to be able to do next. At least we had the rocking main event though and that’s more than most shows get to do.

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