WWF Monday Night RAW – July 25th, 1994

July 25, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and “Macho Man” Randy Savage


Show starts off with clips from the Ted DiBiase/Lex Luger/Tatanka storyline leading to this week’s Tatanka vs. Nikolai Volkoff $10,000 Challenge match.


Nikolai Volkoff w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Tatanka

The announcers talk about Tatanka’s claims against Luger and how he will end up looking stupid if provem false. Tatanka works the arm to start as we see DiBiase yelling instructions at Volkoff. Tatanka runs over Volkoff but Volkoff fights back and hammers away in the corner. Volkoff now chokes out Tatanka for a bit to the delight of DiBiase. Volkoff boots Tatanka down then uses more kicking and choking. Tatanka fights back with chops but ends up running into a back elbow smash. Tatanka clotheslines Volkoff then dropkicks him over the top rope. Volkoff gets yelled at by DiBiase and is reminded he can get this loss will cost him $10,000. Volkoff drags Tatanka outside and sends him into the steps before the action heads back into the ring. Tatanka fires up then runs wild. A flying chop gets a nearfall but he eats boot on a charge that had an awful lot of light. Volkoff hammers away but Tatanka sneaks in a small package and gets the win (6:13) 1/4*. After the match, Savage runs into the ring and demands DiBiase to pay Tatanka. DiBiase admits that Tatanka impressed him tonight and gives him the money but says on his best day cannot beat his Lex Luger. Tatanka then says he can beat Luger on his worst day as DiBiase calls out Tatanka for having an ego then said he should challenge Luger himself. Luger comes out as DiBiase bails then asks Tatanka if he has a problem and thinks he can beat him. Tatanka said he can beat him any time, any place and Luger tells him to name a place and he will be there. Luger then leaves as DiBiase heads into the ring and tells Tatanka to let him know whenever he wants a match against Luger.

Thoughts: First off, the match was garbage. Volkoff is just the absolute shits as a performer and puts in even less effort when he has to do the job. And then there is this dumb angle. They tried to make you think DiBiase might have Luger under his services since Luger came into the ring after DiBiase mentioned his name then left after issuing a challenge with DiBiase then telling Tatanka to name a time and place for a match. The problem was that since the beginning, Tatanka’s examples of Luger having sold out were incredibly flimsy to the point you’d have zero reason to believe Luger had in fact sold out. That and Tatanka’s completely unconvincing job in this role.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Barry Hardy & Joey Stallings

The Headshrinkers attack their opponents and the bell rings right before the ICOPRO commercial. We see The Headshrinkers beat the shit out of Stallings as Ross says we will hear from Leslie Nielsen, Alundra Blayze, and see Duke Droese in action later on plus the main event of Yokozuna vs. Adam Bomb. Ross also warns Cornette, who he says is home in the Smoky Mountains, to pay attention as the Heavenly Bodies want a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Fatu decides to beat the crap out of Hardy on the outside as the Headshrinkers stay in control, with Ross wondering who will face the Headshrinkers for the titles at SummerSlam, then Fatu puts Stallings away with the top rope splash (3:50).

Thoughts: Despite pushing the Heavenly Bodies as the next team to challenge for the titles, the story on commentary was the announcers asking the question of there being a team able to match the strength and brutality of the team.

We get a hype video for next week’s Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels match. Ross says if next week’s match is just half as good as their ladder match at WrestleMania then he cannot wait.


Jim Neidhart w/ Owen Hart vs. Jim Powers

Powers lands some kicks but ends up getting backdropped to the floor. Owen yells at Powers as Neidhart hammers away. Owen then tells Bret he will take his pride and title at WrestleMania as Neidhart hammers away in the ring. Owen puts over his “brother in-law” for being a powerhouse as Ross says Stu & Helen are ashamed and embarrassed of these two. Neidhart hits a back suplex then pulls up Powers before the three count. Powers fights back but Neidhart catches him with a powerslam then uses the Camel’s Clutch for the win (2:56). Ross puts over Bret vs. Owen on the Summer Sizzler tour. Neidhart then mocks Bret.

Thoughts: This match was used to hype Bret vs. Owen at SummerSlam along with the Hart Family dynamic since Owen & Neidhart have caused a lot of problems after messing with Bret.


A hype video for next week’s Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano match.


Ross welcomes Blayze to the ring. Ross brings up Blayze’s challenge to anyone across the world to face her for the title. Blayze says she is finished with Luna Vachon. Blayze also says she has dignity and pride, which is why she is the champion. Ross then asks her about Nakano as Blayze puts her over for being 5’10 and 250 lbs, saying she can beat up most of the men. Luna then runs out to say she was the one responsible for bringing Nakano to America. However, Blayze is not scared and promises she will always have the title. Savage then wonders if Luna will be in Nakano’s corner and puts over this as a non-title match. So, after initially saying she would take on all challengers, this match will be a non-title. And having Luna there for Nakano to get heat is smart since Nakano is unknown to a majority of the audience.


The Mafia Boss New Generation ad airs.


Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Adam Bomb

The announcers put over Yokozuna’s talent as Ross says the “WWF Magazine” called Yokozuna the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. Yokozuna chops away to start. He then drops Bomb with a back elbow smash but whiffs on a clothesline. Bomb hits a few clotheslines then knocks Yokozuna out of the ring as we go to break. The match returns with Bomb challenging Yokozuna to a test-of-strength. Savage wishes Walter Payton a happy birthday and said he is watching RAW tonight. Yokozuna chops Bomb down before choking him out in the corner. He now puts Bomb in a nerve hold as the crowd starts to get behind Bomb. Yokozuna clotheslines Bomb then shrugs off some punches before hammering away. Bomb is able to avoid an avalanche as Ross talks about Cornette’s absence and the rumors floating around about his association with Yokozuna. Bomb DDT’s Yokozuna then heads up top with a flying clothesline but neglects to cover. We see Harvey Whippleman & Kwang at ringside now with Kwang tripping Bomb then Bomb heading out to beat on Kwang until he gets counted out (6:21 shown) *1/2. After the match, Bomb tosses Whippleman at Kwang.

Thoughts: The match itself actually was not that bad considering how badly Yokozuna has deteriorated but the finish, besides protecting both men, also reignited the Bomb/Kwang & Whippleman feud. And this is a feud that has been cold since day one. Bomb has been with the company for over a year and this has been his only feud. He had size and was athletic so you would think he’d get a bigger push but that was not the case.


SummerSlam Report with Todd Pettengill, who says unlike a Yanni concert the WWF will have the United Center “rocking” at SummerSlam.


The Leslie Nielsen spot from this weekend’s syndicated shows airs.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Duane Gill

Ross says they are trying to get Jerry Lawler on the phone. Lawler then appears and yelled to be put through while not realizing he is on air. Ross asks Lawler about Droese as Gill fires away in the corner. Ross brings up the trash can attack and Lawler that he used the can because he could not find a baseball bat and promises to hurt him worse next time. Droese now works over Gill and puts him in a bear hug. Lawler says he will be back next week and have Bob Backlund as his guest on the “King’s Court” and makes some Howdy Doody jokes as Droese uses the Trash Compactor for the win (2:31).

Thoughts: The Lawler call was good although Droese is not over so it was a bit of a waste I suppose. Also, Backlund will be a guest on the King’s Court and that is two days after he faces Bret Hart for the Title.


The announcers hype up next week’s show.


Final Thoughts: This show was not that good. The Luger/Tatanka/DiBiase stuff is just lousy as was Tatanka’s match against Volkoff. However, next week has a two featured matches with a lot more promise than we had this week as we get closer and closer to SummerSlam.