What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – November 11, 1995

Remaining footage of this show is incomplete, so the matches below were reverse engineered from the November 12 edition of WCW Main Event that featured them.  Based on last week’s previous, though, one can assume that Paul Orndorff (23-8) won a squash match.

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Cobra (5-8) beats Bobby Starr after a Cobra Clutch Slam at 2:18:

As noted before, Cobra is on a lengthy losing streak, losing his last eight matches.  Schiavone ignores that and says Cobra’s CIA background might help him win the World War 3 battle royal because he knows the secrets in the locker room.  Cobra hits a few basic moves before locking in the Cobra Clutch and slamming Starr to end the streak.

Big Bubba Rogers (28-10-1) wrestles Hacksaw Jim Duggan (35-9-1) to a double count out at 8:53:

The feud between these two men has lacked consistency as WCW remembers they need to wrestle or interact every few weeks.  Case in point:  why announce that these two will face off at World War 3 in a specialty match and air this bout that is just a regular singles match?  It seems about as uninspired as the action in this match, the seventh that Duggan and Rogers have had this year.  Rogers works some long rest holds and eventually the fight spills to the floor, with both men brawling to a double count out.  Rating:  ¼*

After the bell, Rogers beats down Duggan on the floor until WCW officials intervene.  However, Duggan recovers, tapes up his fist, and knocks out Rogers in the ringSo why not wait until this match airs to officially make this a World War 3 bout??!

The Last Word:  The typical throw away episode for WCW Worldwide.  It would be refreshing for something interesting to happen on this show.  The New Japan guys are at Disney so please let them invade this broadcast too.  After all, the title of this show is worldwide!

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