And What is the Deal With Bob Backlund? (Insert Seinfeld Shrug)

Hey Scott–

I just finished the Observer from July 1992 where Dave first reveals

that Bob Backlund is in talks to return to the WWF. Dave is actually

pretty positive about ol' Bob in the piece, but as we know he turned

rather viciously on Backlund with incredible speed once the run

actually began.

What gives? What soured Dave so completely on Bob? I'm not going to

say babyface Bob Backlund lit my world on fire in 1993, but Meltzer

just thoroughly despised the guy once he showed up. Why the intense

hatred over Bob's return?

I think Dave's feeling was Backlund still had lots in the tank to offer at that point, and then it turned out that he didn't and he was mostly just a guy.