What’s up w all the head/neck bumps?

Is it me or has there been a huge increase recently in some dangerous looking head and neck bumps, in both companies?  It seemed like after the Owen/Austin mess back in 97, we largely went away from that kind of thing, with Taker’s “clench your head in my knees and miss the mat by 6 inches” tombstone being the closest we came.  

Now, every night I’m seeing someone get spike DDT’d on the apron, or brainbusters are being hit on chairs, the floor, the ramp, and even the influx of Canadian destroyers is basically a guy back flipping onto his head.  All culminating in Moxley’s terrifying looking top rope dirty deeds on Allin last night.

I’m sure the guys are better trained to take these bumps now, but the margin for error is still SUPER thin.  Is there a reason for this resurgence?  Does this all seem more dangerous lately, or am I just old and turned into a pussy after 15 years of the PG era?

It's not just you, I find it terrifying as well.  Especially the bump that Kenny Omega took against Moxley at the PPV, on the wood of the ring.  Omega in particular needs to tone it the fuck down.