Positively an AEW mark, but totally expected NXT to put the screws to them this week.

Live on west coast so after taking kids to sports, sat down and watched both (west coast advantage since AEW dvr’d early and then can fast forward NXT through commercials.

So AEW very very coherent. And I was able to see who and how they pushed in coherent ways.  NXT besides redragon vs revival, I have absolutely zero sense what is happening. Watch NXT weekly and read reviews of other shows and know the wrestlers but literally WTF is happening literally have no clue.

I give up I like NXT and will take my kids to $20 seats to WWE main shows when they come but it’s a cluster F.

I haven't watched NXT so can't comment on the specifics of this show, but the buildup to Survivor Series / Takeover has really ruined the allure of the show for me and left it feeling like yet another WWE Brand ™.  Your mileage may vary, of course.