NXT – November 20, 2019

Date: November 20, 2019
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Beth Phoenix

In a rare situation, this is the go home show for both Takeover: WarGames and Survivor Series. Takeover’s card seems to be set, but there are five spots each for both the men’s and women’s Survivor Series teams. There is a good chance that we will not know any of the members until Sunday, which could make for quite the show. As for tonight, HHH has said the doors are open so it’s guest stars time. Let’s get to it.

William Regal is in the back when Becky Lynch comes out of a locker room. With a nod of approval from Regal, Lynch goes to the ring with a microphone in her hand. Becky says it has been awhile since she has been here and all she can think about is champ vs. champ vs. champ on Sunday. First up you have Bayley, who has an old woman’s haircut and destroyed all of the Bayley Buddies, except the blue haired one that is holding her back.

Then Shayna Baszler showed up on Raw to introduce herself but Becky is here on Shayna’s show, so what is she going to do about it? Cue Rhea Ripley and that seems to get some attention. Rhea says Becky is the Man so let’s find out if she has a set of balls. Cue the referee and we’re starting big this week.

Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch

Non-title. Becky starts fast with a running forearm to put Rhea on the floor but Rhea drops her face first onto the apron. Back from a break with Rhea sending her to the apron but missing a charge so Becky can kick her in the face. The slam off the top drops Becky as the fans are behind Rhea. A reverse DDT gets Becky out of trouble as the chant switches to NXT.

They forearm it out from their knees until Rhea hits a faceplant for two. An enziguri puts Rhea down and the middle rope legdrop gets two as the back and forth is on. The Disarm-Her goes on but Rhea rolls out and tries a powerbomb, which is reversed into a hurricanrana. Rhea catches her on top though and it’s a top rope superplex….and we’ve got the Horsewomen for the double DQ at 9:25.

Rating: B. They were rocking with the back and forth stuff here and Rhea looked she was on Becky’s level here. There is a very good chance that she is going to be on Team NXT on Sunday and that could be a heck of a showcase for her. Becky is the biggest star in the women’s division and Ripley is getting her star push at the moment. Just don’t mess it up.

Post match the beatdown is on but Ripley and Lynch clean house.

The Revival arrived earlier and were flanked by security, just in case.

Video on Kay Lee Ray.

Kona Reeves vs. Matt Riddle

Or not as Ricochet jumps Reeves and we have a replacement match.

Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle

Ricochet flips over him to start and snaps off an anklescissors into a dropkick. Riddle bails out to the floor and that’s just not a good idea against Ricochet, who hits a flipping suicide dive. Back in and the running shooting star is countered into a triangle choke but Ricochet powers out. Riddle takes him right back down and hits the Broton, followed by the exploder suplex for two.

Ricochet is right back with a northern lights suplex into a swinging neckbreaker. Now the running shooting star keeps Riddle down but Ricochet has to roll out of the Phoenix splash. Riddle isn’t having this defense thing and snaps off a German suplex but cue Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. The two of them are knocked away but the distraction lets Riddle grab a rollup for the pin at 3:48.

Rating: C+. The distraction finish was the right call here as you can protect both guys while giving Riddle just enough of a win to make it feel important. The double interference helped a lot and gave the fans something else to cheer about. Ricochet is a near legend in NXT though and a win over him means more to Riddle than the opposite would have.

Post match Nakamura and Cesaro beat the two of them down, only for Riddle to hit a knee to send Cesaro outside. Ricochet’s springboard goes over the barricade for the crazy dive. Roderick Strong runs in to go after Nakamura but gets knocked outside, meaning it’s Finn Balor to come in and go after Riddle. That earns him a Final Flash as Riddle stands tall.

Video on Killian Dain vs. Damien Priest vs. Pete Dunne at Takeover for an NXT Title match the following night at Survivor Series.

Revival vs. Undisputed Era

Non-title. Dawson and O’Reilly start things off and it’s a quick staredown with the Era bailing to the floor. Wilder and Fish come in instead with Wilder being back into the corner. That’s fine with him as he strikes his way out, setting up another showdown. The brawl is on with all four falling out to the floor, including Wilder and O’Reilly suplexing each other over the top. Back from a break with Wilder down in the corner and a double suplex getting one.

Fish scores with a slingshot hilo and it’s O’Reilly coming in for some knees to the back. The bodyscissors and chinlock go on, followed by some kicks to the ribs to give O’Reilly two. Wilder grabs a small package and belly to back suplex for a breather, only to get dropkicked in the back to send him outside. Back from another break with Wilder grabbing a desperation powerslam and low bridging Fish to the floor.

A hurricanrana of all things allows the hot tag to Dawson as everything breaks down. There’s a running neckbreaker to Fish and Dawson goes up with the Swan Dive getting two. The TAG TEAM WRESTLING chant is on as Wilder gets in a cheap shot so Dawson can hit a brainbuster for two more. Dawson gets knocked off the rope and O’Reilly kicks away at Wilder on the apron. That’s reversed into a DDT onto the apron and it’s the PowerPlex for two on Fish. What looks to be a Doomsday Device is broken up with a kick to the leg to knock Dawson right back down.

A Samoan drop plants Dawson but Wilder breaks up the High/Low setting up the Shatter Machine for two (in a sweet one motion move) with O’Reilly making a last second save. O’Reilly hits a NASTY looking to rope knee to Dawson’s back for two but he’s fine enough with escaping a suplex. A DDT plants O’Reilly but Fish is back up with some kicks to the legs. The shots put Dawson down and with Wilder done on the floor, the High/Low finishes Dawson at 24:55.

Rating: A-. How was this not going to be great? These are two of the best teams in the world and they got the time needed here to deliver the great match that they needed to. I was rather impressed here and the champs winning is the right call. They had a nice mixture of the old school formula and fast paced mixture of spots here and that made for a great match, of course.

The Forgotten Sons and the Viking Raiders are about to brawl backstage.

Video on the women’s WarGames match.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

Non-title. Kai starts fast with a headbutt though the running kick in the corner is countered into the Gory Bomb. That is countered into a sunset flip for two and now the kick to the face connects. Ray hits a few kicks to the back of the head but Kai gets in a rollup for a fast two. A gordbuster cuts her off for two more and the stomping is on for Ray.

It’s time to start on the knee but Kai sends her into the corner. The double stomp out of said corner gives Kai another breather and she snaps off the Kawada kicks. They head outside with Ray going into the steps and there’s the running boot to the face. Back in and Kai misses another kick, allowing Ray to nail her own superkick. The Gory Bomb finishes Kai at 5:44.

Rating: C. Kai is getting better and thankfully isn’t showing any major setbacks after her knee surgery. Ray needed a win like this to solidify herself on the main NXT roster and they did that just fine. It’s a good double showcase and you don’t get something like that every week. Now just get Ray to defend the title against the pretty good NXT UK women’s division and they have something.

Post match the Smackdown, Raw and NXT women run in for the MASSIVE brawl with Nikki Cross cleaning house with a trashcan lid.

Viking Raiders vs. Forgotten Sons

Non-title and Jaxson Ryker is out with the Sons. Erik dropkicks Cutler into the corner to start and it’s time to clean house, including Erik slamming Ivar onto Cutler. A powerslam into the Swan dive gets two with Blake making the save. That doesn’t get Cutler out of trouble though as it’s a missile dropkick/Downward Spiral combination for two. Cutler gets to choke on the ropes but runs into a forearm. A jump over Cutler in the corner lets Erik roll over for the hot tag. House is cleaned until Ryker distracts Ivar so Blake can get in a cheap shot.

Back from a break with the springboard clothesline/German suplex combination getting two, again thanks to Ryker. Cutler hits a Backstabber on Ivar and powerbombs him onto Blake’s knees for two more. Ivar powers out and brings Erik back in, only to have Ryker get in another cheap shot. A Death Valley Driver onto the apron gets two on Erik but Ryker is finally ejected.

That’s not good enough for Erik, who hits him with a suicide dive. Blake hurricanranas Ivar into the other two of them for a cool visual and everyone is down. The slugout is on with the Raiders getting the better of things, only to have it turn into an exchange of cartwheels. The double handspring elbow takes the Sons down and the Viking Experience finishes Cutler at 12:16.

Rating: C+. It was a good brawl with a wild feeling at times, though the Ryker stuff got annoying in a hurry. The Raiders are really getting into a groove with their stuff and having them dominate people is a good way to go. Just don’t leave them in there with the Sons for that long, as the team isn’t great in the first place and shouldn’t be doing this.

Video on Adam Cole.

Video on WarGames.

Adam Cole vs. Dominick Dijakovic

Non-title ladder match for the advantage in WarGames. Cole charges straight at him to start hammering away, only to get clubbed down with straight power. It takes too long to get a ladder though and a baseball slide drives it into Dijakovic’s face. Back in and it’s a Cyclone boot to the ladder to drop Cole again.

A whip into the ladder makes it even worse and the ladder falls onto Cole’s leg as he goes down (since he’s ok, it’s fine to say how cool it is when fluke situations like that happen). The first climb is cut off as Cole kicks the knee out and wraps it around the post. Back from a break with Dijakovic bridging a ladder in the corner but Cole hits the brainbuster onto another ladder in another corner. Dijakovic catches him climbing though and it’s a chokeslam onto the ladder in the corner.

Cole kicks him away and goes up, only to come down with the Panama Sunrise. That’s still not enough though as Dijakovic is right back with the power, including Feast Your Eyes. The knee gives out though and the climb is slow, allowing Cole to make the catch. A belt shot to the head knocks Dijakovic onto the bridged ladder and Cole gets the briefcase at 10:44.

Rating: C+. They were doing some big spots in there but after last week’s crazy violent match, it was a hard goal to reach. Couple that with we’re now doing a ladder match o set up WarGames and it’s a little weird. They didn’t need the ladders here, though Dijakovic’s incredible athleticism got a great showcase and he had Cole in trouble multiple times here.

Post match the Undisputed Era comes out for the celebration but the Raw and Smackdown roster cut them off. Drew McIntyre comes in but gets powerbombed by Keith Lee. Ivar gets in and it’s a double suicide dive to the pile. Seth Rollins runs in though and superkicks Cole, but here’s Tommaso Ciampa to break up the Stomp. He takes his time getting in before the big brawl with Rollins is on to end the show.

Overall Rating: A. And that’s how you do a show like this. The entire point of tonight was to have everyone on the roster on notice about the invaders and the stars were out from Raw and Smackdown. The wrestling and action were great but what mattered was how high the stakes felt. Raw and Smackdown were in NXT’s house tonight and it looked like a showdown was set up for Sunday. I really liked this show and it made me far more interested in Survivor Series than I was coming in. Outstanding stuff and a great primer for Survivor Series.


Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch went to a double DQ when the Horsewomen interfered

Matt Riddle b. Ricochet – Rollup

Undisputed Era b. Revival – High/Low to Dawson

Kay Lee Ray b. Dakota Kai – Gory Bomb

Viking Raiders b. Forgotten Sons – Viking Experience to Cutler

Adam Cole b. Dominick Dijakovic – Cole pulled down the ladder

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