WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 24th, 1994

July 24, 1994

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Stan Lane and Ted DiBiase

We get a clip from last week’s interview with Virgil and Ted DiBiase & Nikolai Volkoff that led to this week’s Virgil vs. Volkoff match.

Also in action this week are Yokozuna, Owen Hart, and Razor Ramon.


Razor Ramon vs. Curtis Hairston

The announcers talk about Razor’s match against Diesel for the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam. Hairston takes Razor down after they battled over a wrist lock as Lane says he will not believe Luger signed with DiBiase until he sees it for himself. Razor beats on Hairston in the corner then hits an uranage. Razor now grounds Hairston then stretches him out as the announcers once again hype up the Razor/Diesel match. Razor then hits a super back suplex before finishing Hairston off with the Razor’s Edge (3:29).

Thoughts: Quick win for Razor as the announcers hyped up his match against Diesel at SummerSlam.


DiBiase leaves the booth to accompany Volkoff to the ring.


Clip from last week’s edition of “Superstars” when Tatanka went on the Heartbreak Hotel to accuse Lex Luger of selling out to Ted DiBiase. Then Lane said this week on Superstars, Luger denied that any deal had been signed but Tatanka remained skeptical.


DiBiase accompanies Volkoff to the ring.


We get the New Generation ad with the Mafia Boss demanding to watch Monday Night RAW at the restaurant and ended up settling for the TV in his limo.


Nikolai Volkoff w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil

Volkoff attacks a distracted Virgil but Virgl floats over in the corner and uses a rollup for a nearfall. Virgil uses his speed to his advantage then sends Volkoff over the top rope with a dropkick as Volkoff lands on his feet. Volkoff then drags Virgil outside but Virgil blocks an Irish whip into the steps and takes the action back into the ring. Virgil works the arm then hits a flying double axe handle. Volkoff comes back with a clothesline then uses some poor excuses of stomps before using an even poorer excuse of a bear hug. Virgil escapes then catches Volkoff with a boot in the corner. Virgil fires up and lands several jabs. Virgil gets a few nearfalls but gets distracted by DiBiase and heads outside. Virgil catches Volkoff’s sneak attack attempt then they head back inside where Virgil hits a dropkick. DiBiase distracts Virgil once again and offers money but Virgil throws the money down. However, Volkoff attacks from behind and hits a sad attempt at a German suplex then uses a piledriver for the win (4:48) 1/4*. After the match, DiBiase shoves a $100 in Virgil’s mouth.

Thoughts: Terrible match and Volkoff really had no business being in the ring. There is protecting yourself and then what Volkoff did which was basically not make any attempt to sell for your opponent, which to be honest he had been doing since his days of The Bolsheviks. The match had no heat because this feud was garbage and the participants were not over. This ended up being Virgil’s last TV appearance for the WWF until he had a one-off tag match on RAW in 2010. Virgil would officially finish up within a few weeks as he had to put Volkoff over on the house show circuit. He did come back for a few house shows the following year but that was all.


WWF Live Event News segment on the Summer Sizzler tour.


Doink the Clown w/ Dink vs. JC Storm

Dink whacks Storm on the ass a few times then Doink uses a front face lock on Storm. Lane asks DiBiase over Luger denying his claims of signing with the Corporation. DiBiase says that Luger is just being shy. Doink stomps the hand of Storm as DiBiase once again promises us he has Luger, much like the promised The Undertaker. Doink cuts off a comeback attempt and uses a hip toss as Lane says he does not believe Tatanka’s claims. Doink works the arm then a headscissors on the mat and stays in control until he uses the Whoopie Cushion for the win (3:15). DiBiase says he would like to see Yokozuna squash Doink as Lane puts over Doink vs. Jarrett on the Summer Sizzler tour.

Thoughts: A match used mostly as a backdrop for the announcers to talk about whether or not Luger has signed with The Corporation. They also plugged Doink/Jarrett for the Summer Sizzler tour. Doink & Dink came off as heels for this match


An ad hyping SummerSlam airs.


SummerSlam Report airs.


The Leslie Nielsen segment on how he will solve the mystery of The Undertaker airs.


“King of Harts” Owen Hart w/ Jim Neidhart vs. Matt Hardy

The announcers talk about the Bret/Owen feud. The crowd chants for Bret as Owen and Hardy trade hammerlocks. Owen takes Hardy down with a swinging neckbreaker and continues to work the neck. The announcers now talk about the steel cage match at SummerSlam as Owen stays in control. Owen catches Hardy with a clothesline as the announcers mention Bret vs. Bob Backlund next week on “Superstars” for the World Heavyweight Title as DiBiase refers to Backlund as “Howdy Doody.” Hardy springboards off of the top rope for a back flip but Owen ducks then uses a spinning heel kick for the win (3:41). Owen then puts Hardy in the Sharpshooter before taking the glasses and snapping them off of Hardy’s face before putting them in Hardy’s mouth.

Thoughts: A win for Owen as the announcers talked about his steel cage title match against Bret at SummerSlam. The announcers also plugged Bret’s title defense against Bob Backlund next week.


We see Paul Bearer talk about his Undertaker and how at SummerSlam we will see him again.


A hype video for next week’s Mabel & Typhoon vs. Yokozuna & Crush match. The announcers keep mentioning how the ring will need to be reinforced.


Steve Smith vs. Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Crush

The announcers are surprised that Yokozuna is not involved at SummerSlam as Lane says it might be due to fear of The Undertaker over what happened at the Royal Rumble. Yokozuna overpowers Smith with ease as DiBiase scoffs at Bearer’s promo and calls him crazy as Yokozuna puts Smith away with a belly-to-belly suplex (1:51). After the match, Smith uses a few leg drops but we then see Mabel & Typhoon appear at ringside and cause Yokozuna to bail. We also see Oscar now in the ring wearing a white suit. Yokozuna leaves with Fuji as Lane tells us that “special correspondent” Gorilla Monsoon is making his way ringside for an interview.

Thoughts: Yokozuna can barely move at this point. The main takeaway though, besides hyping up next week’s title match, is bringing up what happened with Yokozuna and Undertaker at the Royal Rumble as it appears they will be revisiting that feud soon enough.


DiBiase joins Gorilla Monsoon in the aisle to interview Mabel, Typhoon, and Oscar about next week’s tag match. They talk about destroying Crush & Yokozuna in an interview that lasted maybe 15 seconds.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was shit and next week we get a tag match between super heavyweights. The main focus on the show was building up SummerSlam and they also touched upon the top storylines but Challenge is really a show that is not worth watching at this point.