reader mail

Scott, you haven’t talked about CANADIAN VIOLENCE in a while.  Who are today’s foremost purveyors of CANADIAN VIOLENCE?  Also, is it possible for a non-Canadian wrestler to learn how to inflict it?  

The problem is that we're running out of Canadians who feel comfortable laying into each other with good stiff chops, like they do in the backwoods of Canada when it's cold and you want to circulate the blood to your chest.  I'm not actually sure who would even count these days.  I find actually it's more BRITISH VIOLENCE, specifically the small joint manipulation of the Pete Dunnes and Zack Sabre Jrs,, that has become the spiritual successor.   But either way, being Canadian is a philosophy, not a a birthright.
Sorry, I've just been informed that in fact you need to born in Canada to be Canadian.  My mistake.  Although Don Cherry is a free agent now.