Pro Wrestling EVE – SHE-1 – Day 1


2 days. 4 shows. One Ace of EVE.

EVE’s SHE-1 tournament is held each year to determine the “Ace of EVE” – the winner will go on to challenge the champion of their choice at WrestleQueendom, EVE’s biggest show of the year. The wrestlers are divided by 4 into 3 Blocks of round robin competition, and the winners of each Block will meet on the final day to crown a winner.

There’s some really good wrestling on these shows, all. It’s SHE-1 time; let’s do this.

PRO WRESTLING EVE – SHE-1 – DAY 1 – Show 1 – The Resistance Gallery – November 10th, 2019

We’re going to cover 2 shows in this recap and we’ll hit the other 2 in the next one.

Here are the Blocks for this year’s SHE-1:

BLOCK A: Kasey Owens, Mercedes Martinez, Angel Hayze, Aleah James
BLOCK B: Laura Di Matteo, Gisele Shaw, Nicole Savoy, Millie McKenzie
BLOCK C: Mei Suruga, Rhia O’Reilly, Jazz, Jetta

Hey, it’s Emily! Along for the ride? Emily’s most radical pink mohawk, with Sierra Loxton and Leah Owens on commentary. Up first, we’ve got a Block B match, and “The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw makes her way down the steps! She awaits her opponent, and it’s Laura Di Matteo!

Gisele Shaw vs Laura Di Matteo – B Block match

Shaw offers the handshake, which is accepted by Laura. Chain wrestling to start and Shaw controls, with Di Matteo going to a wristlock to escape, countered into a headlock from Shaw. A few roll-ups are traded and we get a standoff after a few big kick attempts by both women.

Shaw goes on the offensive with a series of armdrags, and it’s choppin’ time for Shaw. A few corner clotheslines get two for Shaw. Laura fires back and attempts to come off the ropes, but trips and Shaw takes over again. Suplex from Gisele gets two. Forearms to the back from Shaw as Laura builds sympathy with each shot.

Laura tries a comeback, but misses a kick and Natural Selection gets two for Shaw. Shaw slaps Laura, which earns her a headbutt and here comes Di Matteo. Clotheslines drop Shaw, Fisherman’s suplex from Laura! Di Matteo goes up, missile dropkick gets two. She goes for her submission, but Shaw makes the ropes. Shaw counters out of a fireman’s carry and hits a knee to the face, followed by a DDT for two. Shaw sets up for the superkick and hits it after Laura ducks the first one….for two! Shaw sits up frustrated, and that proves to be her undoing, as Di Matteo grabs the arm and wraps her up, leaving Gisele nowhere to go as Laura gets the submission. LAURA DI MATTEO OVER GISELE SHAW, SUBMISSION, 9:58

THOUGHTS: ***1/4. Good match here to open us up, with everyone playing their roles well. Laura is an excellent worker who really knows how to work her bond with the crowd well, to the point where she can take them on the ride with her through the peaks and valleys of the match. Shaw is more than capable and has a high ceiling to work with – she’s only going to get better, one would think.

“They are not fucking around.” Goddamn right, Emily.

Let’s have another match from Block C this time, shall we? Out first, we’ve got Mei Suruga, who is making her EVE debut. She was trained by Emi Sakura and she’s got wings! She is also quite tiny, to say the least. And her opponent will be none other than the EVE champ herself, Rhia O’Reilly! The fans give her quite the welcome, as you might expect.

They fucking hate her, that is.

Rhia O’Reilly vs Mei Suruga – Block C match

Rhia trashtalks to start, then clowns her by putting her on the top rope, then taking her to the corner and patting her on the head. Mei grabs a waistlock, then leapfrogs over Rhia, who grabs a headlock takeover, which Mei turns into a headscissors. Rhia escapes and stomps her into the mat, but Mei gets a knucklelock and takes Rhia around the ring, then hits a dropkick. Crowd is into Mei, big-time!

Mei goes for a slam, but that doesn’t work, then comes off the ropes and gets caught with a slam, and now Rhia takes over. Corner to corner, but a charge misses and Mei fires off dropkicks. Rhia rolls out and Mei tries to baseball slide her, but Rhia hangs her in the ring apron and slams her head into the mat.

Rhia brings her back in with a draping DDT for two. Mei escapes a DVD and sweeps the legs of O’Reilly, then rolls her up for two. Dropkick from Mei, but Rhia makes the ropes. Mei with a full-nelson and full bridge, but Rhia makes the ropes again. Rhia gets a rolling Death Valley Driver and misses a senton, but still gets the Rhiadjustment for the pin. RHIA O’REILLY OVER MEI SURUGA, PINFALL, 7:34

THOUGHTS: **3/4 Rhia gave her a lot here to get her over, but the outcome didn’t really feel like it was that much in doubt. It was fine, with Mei’s happy-go-lucky act getting over pretty well in the Gallery. The story wasn’t trying to break new ground, with Rhia’s bully facing off against Mei’s plucky underdog, but that’s fine.

Post-match, Rhia attacks Mei’s friend and tosses her from the ring, then does the same to Mei before exiting.

For our next match, let’s head back to Block B as we hear the dulcet tones of Rob Zombie, which can only mean that Millie McKenzie is here! She heads down to the ring. I gotta get me one of those Medusa Complex shirts. Anyone over in the UK wanna help a brother out? Emily introduces Millie as her ‘best friend’, albeit under some duress. And her opponent makes her way down – it’s Nicole Savoy! The longest-reigning SHIMMER champion of all time (her reign just ended at 721 days), this is her Pro Wrestling EVE debut!

Nicole Savoy vs Millie McKenzie – B Block match

Test of strength and Millie gets two. Nicole does some jawing with the fans, then back to it as we trade waistlocks. Savoy fakes Millie out with a handshake, then hits a kick and goes back at the fans again, as she’s playing heel here. Knees from Nicole and a running uppercut, then strikes and a back elbow set Millie up for an Exploder, as Savory has dominated thus far.

Millie avoids a charge and hits a dropkick to the knee of Nicole, then slaps on an Octopus. Savoy escapes with a side slam, then stomps away. Hammerlock on the mat by Savoy, then into an armbar. Millie escapes briefly, but Savoy is right back to it. Have I mentioned at all that Nicole is doing a tremendous job as a heel, literally showing Millie how ‘all she has to do is tap’, even helpfully illustrating it by showing McKenzie said tapping motion with the trapped arm. Millie helpfully gives her the finger, so I suppose that’s a ‘no’ on that front.

Millie rolls her over to break, so Nicole goes back to stomping away on the arm of McKenzie. Millie escapes and tries a suplex, but the arm is gone and instead it’s a kick from Savoy and a suplex from Nicole. Millie finally gets a German, but Savoy repays her in kind, then Millie hits another one as the crowd is chanting for McKenzie. Both women get up at the same time and go for a forearm, and now everyone is down and out.

Savoy gets up first and hits a Saito suplex, then a Dragon suplex! 1, 2, NO! Savoy is frustrated and Millie rolls her up for two. Again, for two. Savoy with a rolling stretch for two. Millie counters Nicole’s half-and-half attempt into what looked like either an ugly Angel’s Wings or a lifting Pedigree, which gets two. Millie comes off the ropes and after a few ducks and moves, hits a spear for the pin! MILLIE MCKENZIE OVER NICOLE SAVOY, PINFALL, 12:13

THOUGHTS: ***3/4. I really dug this match a lot and you can see why Savoy has the reputation that she does. She did an excellent job of getting over as the heel in the match, especially with Millie having been a heel for so long in EVE – normally, the instinct is to cheer the newcomer, especially with Nicole already having a well-known international pedigree. But she turned that really well, and took most of the match to establish it and get over. Millie was her usual excellent self, although I wouldn’t have minded a bit more instead of the pin coming out of nowhere. All in all, though, the match was very good.

Hey, let’s watch more wrestling! Onto Block A!

And the strains of Hollaback Girl welcome Aleah James to the ring! She’s making her EVE debut here, and she debuted as a wrestler this year, so she’s come a ways in a short time. And here comes Angel Hayze! You may remember her from her qualifying match, where Kris Wolf thought a dildo was a stick.

Common mistake, really. I once thought my wife’s back massager was a vibrator, and let me tell you, it was super embarrassing when it turned out I was…..right. Anyway, back to wrestling!

Angel Hayze vs Aleah James – A Block match

Handshake to start, and we get some pinfall reversal sequences to start. Hayze wears James out with kicks and hits a dropkick for two. James dodges a clothesline with a Matrix and hits a dropkick for one. Hayze comes back with a Perfectplex, then a forearm in the corner. Chinlock from Angel.

Back up and a charge from Hayze hits a boot from James, who follows with a crossbody, then another one. Hayze comes back with a forearm and a Sling Blade for two. Enzuigiri by James drops Hayze and Aleah goes up, but misses a moonsault. James ends up in the corner and Hayze charges, Aleah tries a sunset flip out of the corner, but Angel sits on her for the pin. ANGEL HAYZE OVER ALEAH JAMES, PINFALL, 5:27

THOUGHTS: **. There wasn’t really much wrong with the match, but it just felt like moves being done to do moves, as opposed to a flowing narrative that told a story. Both women have a long way to go, but there’s talent there – they just need more matches under their belt to put the rest of the pieces together. I mean, combined they have less than 4 years worth of matches, so I’m inclined to cut a bit of slack here, as we see how they eventually turn out.

Back to Block C we go!

Well, Carly Simon can only mean one thing in EVE – it’s time for Jetta to make her way to the ring! Aw, she’s wearing a Charlie Morgan shirt. That’s kind of awesome. Emily starts to run through Jetta’s intros, including her being a black belt in punching people in the tit! Jetta is, of course, justifiably proud of this intensely difficult art to master; but she does, in fact, seem a little bit peeved when Emily mentions that Jetta has been bragging on Twitter all week about how she’s going to punch Jazz in the tit! Said tweet is displayed on the big screen, just in case there was some dispute about this. Oh, but there’s more, including the following tweets from Jetta:

I’m going to punch Jazz in the tit.
Yes, I SHALL punch Jazz in the tit
24hrs until I punch Jazz in the tit
Watch out, Jazz #TitPunchPrincess

Emily calls her a ‘Brazilian Ju-Titsu’ master as Jetta debunks these scurrilous claims – it’s all fake news, she was born in the 80s, she doesn’t even have a Twitter account! The crowd chants ‘Tit Punch Princess’ as Jetta reminds them that hey, they like her now, so please would they stop trying to get her killed?

Anyway, Jazz’s music plays. Here comes Jazz. Nice knowing you, Jetta. I, for one, will miss you.

Jazz vs Jetta – C Block match

Lockup and we trade waistlocks, and Jetta escapes with a wristlock, Jazz comes back with a headlock and takes Jetta over to the mat. Jetta fights for the headscissors to escape and really works for it, finally getting it. Neato sequence there over something very simple – I like to see the struggle and feel the match a bit. Jazz pulls down the kneepad of Jetta and rubs her knuckles across Jetta’s knee to escape, Jetta tries to keep the hold, but Jazz does manage to get out and go to a half-crab.

Jetta makes the ropes to break, then offers a handshake. Jazz offers the finger, so Jetta kicks her in the gut. Jazz just absolutely bitchslaps her out of the corner in response, then kicks away with stomps, then grabs her by the nose and pulls back in a clutch, then adds a few forearms across the face to get two. More heelin’ from Jazz as she rakes the eyes of Jetta, then just fires jabs to knock her down again.

Neck vise from Jazz, but Jetta fights up. Trip by Jetta gets two. Roll-up by Jetta gets two, then a running kick from Jetta into a Codebreaker gets two for Jetta. Jetta goes for a kick, but Jazz blocks it and turns it into an STF, and Jetta can’t escape. JAZZ OVER JETTA, SUBMISSION, 9:39

THOUGHTS: **3/4. This was actually a hard match to rate, honestly. What they did in the ring was simple stuff, nothing crazy, but their timing was really great and more to the point, they both possess the right kinds of big personalities to make a match like this work. All in all, I enjoyed the match even if it wasn’t the best-worked one of the night, but I also can’t ignore the fact that it wasn’t at the level of what Millie or Laura or Nicole were doing out there, so I fell where I did. I really did have fun with the match, though – the women really sold it well.

Main event time, and the honors go to Block A! Up first, it’s Kasey Owens! Kasey’s rocking a brand-new look that befits her ‘Mother of Chaos’ moniker quite well. And her opponent, of course, is one Mercedes Martinez! These two may actually kill each other.

Kasey Owens vs Mercedes Martinez – A Block match

Kasey jumps Martinez before the bell, which I wholeheartedly approve of. I like heels that are heels. Kasey stomps away on Mercedes and goes corner to corner with her. Mercedes fires back with clotheslines and a suplex, and she is unhappy. Nasty chops put Kasey down in the corner for more punishment with a big boot and delayed kick.

Some back and forth and we get a bit of miscommunication, but Kasey hits double knees in the corner as these two are killing each other in there. Kasey chokes away with the boot. Exploder attempt is blocked by Mercedes, and it’s Snake Eyes in the corner from Martinez. PK to the back gets two for Mercedes, and we’re back to choppin’.

Three Amigos from Martinez, but Kasey escapes the third and drops her with a sit-out uranage for two, then a running knee for two. Sideslam from Ownes, but Martinez grabs the bottom rope, so Kasey goes to an armbar. Mercedes escapes and we slug it out, then they trade running forearms and uppercuts. German suplex hits from Mercedes, then a Saito suplex. Kasey pops up with a forearm and both women are on the mat now.

Blind charge from Owens misses and Mercedes just kills her in the corner with chops. They go up and Kasey knocks her to the mat and goes for a dropkick, misses! Fisherman’s suplex by Martinez is blocked and Kasey comes off with a crossbody for two, then knees in the corner and a DDT for two. Kasey misses a kick and Mercedes catches her with a cutter, then hooks in the Dragon Sleeper and Kasey has nowhere else to go. MERCEDES MARTINEZ OVER KASEY OWENS, SUBMISSION, 13:26

THOUGHTS: ***1/2. This one had a few awkward moments early, but they absolutely killed the last five minutes, with near-falls and hard-hitting stuff that almost made me wince. Mercedes is obviously, well, Mercedes Martinez, so you know you’re going to get a good match out of her, while Kasey was excellent as well – the first half of the match had a few problems, but nothing you’d really want to pick at too badly. This was really good.

Let’s check the standings after the first show:

BLOCK A                                        BLOCK B                                              BLOCK C
2 Pts – Mercedes Martinez          2 Pts – Laura Di Matteo                     2 Pts – Rhia O’Reilly
2 Pts – Angel Hayze                      2 Pts – Millie McKenzie                      2 Pts – Jazz
0 Pts – Kasey Owens                    0 Pts – Gisele Shaw                             0 Pts – Jetta
0 Pts – Aleah James                     0 Pts – Nicole Savoy                            0 Pts – Mei Suruga

Onto the second show of Day one!

PRO WRESTLING EVE – SHE-1 – DAY 1 – Show 2 – The Resistance Gallery – November 10th, 2019

B Block kicks us off and we hear the music of Gisele Shaw! Her opponent will be none other than Millie McKenzie! Shaw has a big fat goose egg at this point, while Millie pulled out a win in her first rounder.

Millie McKenzie vs Gisele Shaw – B Block match

Crowd chants “Emily’s best friend” at Millie, ‘cause she is! They’re buds! Neato chain wrestling sequence to start us off as Millie takes Shaw to the mat and borrows from Pete Dunne with some small joint manipulation. Look, I don’t know if Millie is going to end up cashing in her bump card early considering how young she started wrestling, but so far she’s been at the learning tree of Charli Evans, Pete Dunne, and Meiko Satomura, so there’s no question that she’s going to get the best education any wrestler can get along the way. Shaw comes back with a front facelock that she attempts to bridge, but Millie turns it over. Shaw counters that and Millie goes the ropes, so Shaw pats her on the head after the break.

They trade waistlocks and Millie catches a swinging neckbreaker on Shaw for two. Gisele comes back with armdrags and a drop toehold, then snaps the leg back before mocking Millie, as Shaw is clearly the heel here. She starts to work the leg over with kicks. She hangs Millie’s leg on the rope and stomps on it, then pats herself on the back. Oh, this is some good shit right here.

More torque on the leg from Shaw with an anklelock. Millie tries a comeback but Shaw cuts her off and goes back to the leg again. Millie screams in pain but manages to stagger Shaw with an enzuigiri, then practically HOPS off the ropes on one leg to deliver a dropkick to the knee of Gisele, then an uppercut. I am in love. Millie’s selling is off the charts good. She puts Gisele in an Octopus, but her knee is toast and she falls to the mat, ending up in the ropes and forcing a break. Crowd is COMPLETELY behind Millie.

Millie goes for a suplex but she’s got nothing and Shaw kills her with a back elbow, then a half-nelson suplex for two. A frustrated Gisele goes for another one, allowing Millie to catch her with Angel’s Wings for two. Millie fires up and goes for a German….but Shaw escapes and kicks her in the leg. I don’t know if I’ve ever used the phrase “What a BITCH!” in a complementary manner before now, but consider it done for Shaw here, as McKenzie crumples to the mat in agony. Shaw rolls into a trailer hitch, making sure to give Millie the finger before doing so. McKenzie fights it, but Shaw bridges back for additional pressure and there’s nowhere for her to go – Millie taps! GISELE SHAW OVER MILLIE MCKENZIE, SUBMISSION, 9:37

THOUGHTS: ****. This was a CLINIC in selling from Millie McKenzie and one HELL of a story by both women. Seriously, I cannot praise what Millie did in that ring enough. She allowed the knee/leg work to completely incapacitate her to the point where it affected all of her movement in the ring and directly led to the submission. They told the story so well, with McKenzie getting her babyface comebacks to keep the crowd in it at almost exactly the right times. I don’t want to leave Gisele out, as this may have been the best match I’ve ever seen from her, as she twirled her metaphorical mustache to keep the crowd firmly against her in multiple spots and keep all the babyface heat on McKenzie as a result, which is exactly what you want from this type of match. The length was good, the work was good, and the right result happened, giving Shaw a win over Millie for later angle possibility. I LOVED this.

Shaw mocks Millie by grabbing her own leg as she stands in the ring after the match. Shit, put the belt on her and have Millie and Laura chase her for it.

Also, how conditioned am I to watching bad wrestling that I fully expected Millie to just stop selling the leg out of nowhere and get the win?

Up next, we’re going back to Block C, as Carly Simon welcomes Jetta to the ring! Jazz has been added to her list of wrestlers that she’s pinned…..for a two count. And her opponent is Mei Suruga!

Well, this should certainly be interesting.

Jetta vs Mei Suruga – C Block match

Crowd chants for ‘Mei Suruga’ to the tune of My Sharona, which….EVE crowds are just fun. Jetta offers the handshake and Mei thinks for a second or two, then takes it. Chain work to start and Mei grabs a hammerlock, which does not put Jetta in all that much distress, but a rolling pin sequence gets two for Mei as Jetta ends up quite dizzy. So much so that she immediately cradles the ref and Mei counts 3!

THOUGHTS: Well, that was a weird way to…oh, wait a second. That doesn’t count, does it?

Mei raises Jetta’s arm in victory and grabs a knucklelock off that, then takes her around the ring before hitting a drop toehold. Mei runs over Jetta few times before Jetta has finally had ENOUGH of this shit and shoulderblocks her down to boos from the crowd. Jetta works her over for a bit but pauses and tells the crowd that she feels bad about beating up Mei; Mei smiles and shoves her in response. Jetta responds to that by hitting a huge Exploder! Tremendous.

Jetta with an Airplane Spin and a clothesline for two. Suplex by Jetta, she pops the hips, again, pops the hips, again, pops the hips, again, takes a break before trying for a fifth suplex and Mei takes advantage and rolls her up for two. Hee! Dropkick and scissors pin gets two for Mei. She runs Jetta into the corner, then tries again, but Jetta hangs her in the Tree of Woe and gets a dropkick for two. Jetta goes for a straightjacket, but Mei slips out and rolls her up for the flash pin! MEI SURUGA OVER JETTA, PINFALL, 6:46

THOUGHTS: **3/4. I always find it hard to rate comedy matches, but it normally falls like this – did it make me laugh? If it did, it did its job. This made me laugh. Therefore, it did its job. This was just fun all the way around and is well worth a few minutes of your life.

Jetta raises Mei’s arm after the match. You know, I truly enjoy Jetta in her role, so there’s no necessity to turn her or anything, but with Erin Angel gone, she’s ripe for a turn to freshen her up a bit. Just saying.

Up next, let’s go back to A Block! Kasey Owens is out first here, and she’ll be facing off against Angel Hayze!

Kasey Owens vs Angel Hayze – A Block match

Angel does a bit of cheerleading to start, thus pissing Kasey off even more. I think Kasey is a hell of a wrestler, by the way. She rides Angel down to the mat of a wristlock and swats at her head a bit to firmly establish who the heel is here. Back to their feet and Kasey controls with a cravat and a chinlock.

Hayze flips out of it, so Kasey just punches her. Now that right there, that’s a counter, I daresay. Angel comes back with kicks and a dropkick for two. Angel takes Kasey corner to corner and fires away, but the ref gets in the way and Kasey pokes Angel in the eyes as a result and takes back over.

Suplex by Kasey for two, back to the chinlock. Angel pops up, but Kasey yanks her back down by the hair. Angel runs the ropes, but Kasey just buries her with a back elbow for two. Angel tries to fight back as Kasey misses a blind charge in the corner, and that doesn’t go very well as Kasey cuts her off with the armbar against the ropes. Angel hits a decent right/left combo to put both wrestlers down.

Angel back up now, and she’s a house afire! Big shots from Hayze, into a superkick! Perfectplex and Angel rolls through and does it again, this time into a guillotine! That was nifty. Crowd calls for Kasey to tap and she responds by giving them the finger while still in the hold because, you know, fuck you, crowd. Kasey gets back to her feet and rams Hayze in the corner, then hits successive running knees in the corner for two. Sling Blade by Angel gets two. Hayze goes for the ‘plex again, but Kasey blocks it and hits the sitout uranage/powerbomb combo and gets the pin. KASEY OWENS OVER ANGEL HAYZE, PINFALL, 11:35

THOUGHTS: ***. There was a bit too much lying on the mat in this one, but the work was definitely above average to say the least. Kasey’s a hell of a worker while Angel is green as grass but is all potential in a good way – her kicks are the biggest part of her game and she should work more on them, while I actually like her grappling technique. Kasey, meanwhile, has all the tools to be more than she is in EVE as a top heel. Decent match.

Hey, another A Block match is next! Up first, we’ve got…..Mercedez Blaze? Ah, we’re informed that Aleah James was injured in her first round match and will not be able to compete in the rest of the tournament, so Blaze will be taking her place. Good enough, I like Blaze. And her opponent will be Mercedes Martinez!

This match will now determine the correct spelling of the name forthwith.

Mercedes Martinez vs Mercedez Blaze – A Block match

Blaze clowns her by rolling through the first few lockup attempts, then gives Martinez the finger. Martinez does the calm, reasonable thing and turns her chest into hamburger with chops. Martinez beats her up in the corner, but misses a boot and Blaze goes to work on the leg. Martinez ends up on the top rope and Blaze ‘ranas her off, then hits an absolutely gorgeous shotgun dropkick to send Martinez to the corner.

Double knees and a neckbreaker get two for Blaze. Fireman’s carry, but Martinez escapes and hits a spinebuster for two. Chop and suplex from Martinez for two. Blaze reverses a cross-corner whip and ends up on the top rope, blind charge from Martinez and Blaze channels her inner Taguchi and takes her out with the power of her posterior, then hits a spear off the top rope! 1, 2, no! Martinez hits a running knee and follows that up with a Fisherman’s suplex for the pin. MERCEDES MARTINEZ OVER MERCEDEZ BLAZE, PINFALL, 5:56

THOUGHTS: **1/2. This one felt like it kind of cut off as soon as it really got going, which was kind of strange to me. I thought there was a bit more match in here and it just kind of….ended. What we got was very good, as Blaze is more than capable of working with anyone, and Mercedes Martinez’s reputation is well-known and deservedly earned.

Next up, our last B Block match of the day, as here comes Nicole Savoy! Crowd gives her a less than warm welcome, but she tells them that it’s fine, she can be her own cheerleader! And she’ll need it, because there’s no hope of her getting cheered in the Resistance Gallery when her opponent is Laura Di Matteo!

Laura Di Matteo vs Nicole Savoy – B Block match

Savoy taunts the crowd and they go the mat to start. Laura kicks us off with some armdrags and a dropkick, and Nicole bails to the floor, so Laura hits her with a tope there. Back in and Nicole clobbers her from behind, then starts pounding away. Savoy down to the mat and she spreads the fingers, then snaps the arm back on Laura.

More arm abuse from Savoy, as Nicole works it and Laura does what does best, which is sell like crazy to build sympathy, and it always works, because she has the necessary skill and connection to the crowd for it to. Nicole just beats on her more, but Laura mounts a comeback with a tornado DDT for two. Savoy blocks a gutwrench and hits one of her own for two.

Back to the arms, as Nicole wraps her up with a double wristlock behind the back, but Laura makes the ropes, so Nicole fires away with knees instead. Off the ropes, Laura with a headscissors and a lariat, then a dropkick for two. Savoy comes back but Di Matteo cuts that off and slaps on the seated octopus, but can’t hold it and Savoy makes the ropes. Second try as this time Laura adds the kicks to the head, but Savoy again makes the ropes.

Both women back up and Savoy just hits Laura out of nowhere with a nasty knee to the face! They trade pinfall attempts, Laura with a headbutt, Savoy with a knee, Laura with a Codebreaker, Savoy staggered, Tombstone by Di Matteo! 1, 2, 3! LAURA DI MATTEO OVER NICOLE SAVOY, PINFALL, 11:36

THOUGHTS: ***1/2. You knew these two were going to do good things out there, and they did. Laura has such a strong bond with the EVE crowd that she can always be placed in these types of situations where she takes a beating and still comes out on the other side more over than she was before. Her timing in the ring in knowing just how long she should be selling before the comeback portion of the match is absolutely excellent. Savoy played just enough of a shit heel here to make sure there would be no defectors in the crowd, who were solidly behind Di Matteo the whole way.

Your burlesque performance this evening is from a woman named Electra (sp?).

Main event time! The C Block will finish up for us, as Jazz makes her way to the ring! And her opponent is none other than the EVE champion herself, as Rhia O’Reilly comes down the steps to massive boos.

Rhia O’Reilly vs Jazz – C Block match

Lockup goes all over the ring to start, and we’ve got a stalemate. Rhia gets the advantage and puts Jazz on the top rope, complete with the head pat; this plan seems flawed. Indeed, Jazz gets down and bitchslaps Rhia, then they slug it out. To the corner as Jazz avoids the O’Reilly blind charge and Rhia eats the buckle. O’Reilly comes back with shoulderblocks in the corner, then the necksnap over the top of Jazz to take control.

Rhia grabs a chair and goes for Jazz, but misses and hits herself off the top rope. Jazz sets the chair up and hits a drop toehold onto it. Jazz slides out and bounces Rhia’s head off the mat a few times, and we’re in the crowd now, as Jazz sends Rhia into a trash can. Rhia comes back and sends Jazz into the bar. More punishment from Rhia, but she takes too long and Jazz sends her into the wall. That sounded rough. Jazz bounces her head off the wall again, but Rhia comes back and chokes Jazz out with a shirt.

Jazz hits some rights to come back, then we’re back towards the ring and she sends Rhia to the post. Back in and it’s axehandles and stomps to Rhia, then Jazz sets up the chair again as the crowd chants for ECW. Jazz sets her up, facebuster on the chair by Jazz! 1, 2, no! Jazz stomps Rhia in the knee but leaves herself open, and Rhia manages to lift the knee to hit Jazz in the face, then hit the Rhiadjustment on the chair to get the pin. RHIA O’REILLY OVER JAZZ, PINFALL, 11:04

THOUGHTS: **3/4. I actually kind of dug this match, more particularly the first part of it. Look, considering that Jazz is older and Rhia is naturally limited as a worker compared to some of the other EVE talents, I thought they put on the best match they possibly could here. Rhia, love her or hate her, is a strong heel in her actions and emotions, and putting her over Jazz here was probably a good idea for the long run, even if I think she’s dropping the strap at WQ.

Rhia grabs the chair and chants ‘ECW’ to piss off the crowd before taking her leave. Let’s see our Block standings after the second show of Day 1!

BLOCK A                                             BLOCK B                                              BLOCK C
4 Pts – Mercedes Martinez          4 Pts – Laura Di Matteo                            4 Pts – Rhia O’Reilly
2 Pts – Angel Hayze                       2 Pts – Millie McKenzie                            2 Pts – Jazz
2 Pts – Kasey Owens                     2 Pts – Gisele Shaw                                   2 Pts – Mei Suruga
0 Pts – Aleah James (OUT)          0 Pts – Nicole Savoy                                 0 Pts – Jetta
0 Pts – Mercedez Blaze

Post-match, Dann (or, in his own words, ‘Emily’s bitch) gives a nice speech talking about Jazz and how they had always wanted to work with her, and she couldn’t have been a more lovely (or scary) person to work with. He puts Jazz over for as giving the locker room hope, talking about Jazz’s time in Japan. He puts her over a bit more and invites the locker room to the ring, then hands the mic over to Jazz.

Jazz thanks everyone and makes a joke about Dann basically never shutting up. She broke in when T&A meant tits and ass, but her T&A meant talent and ability. She thanks Dann and Emily, thanks the fans, hugs Mercedes Martinez, and then Dann asks the crowd to give it up one more time for Jazz as the rest of the locker room envelops her.

That was nice.

FINAL THOUGHTS: An excellent first day for the SHE-1, with two good shows in the bank. Millie McKenzie and Laura Di Matteo were the obvious standouts, with rock solid performances up and down the cards. Mercedes Martinez was her usual great self as was Kasey Owens, and there wasn’t anything I would remotely consider bad on these shows. And we’ve got two more to go!

I’ll be back later this week with the rest of the SHE-1.

Wanna watch? Well, just plunk down ten bucks and watch all the EVE you want! The link to do so is right here:

Take care all, and watch some wrestling.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,
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