NWA turns heel

So tonight in the middle of the NWA Powerrr airing on YouTube that I was watching, the show got yanked off the platform and taken down.  Apparently due to Jim Cornette making racist jokes during the Trevor Murdoch match (about him being so tough that he could drive a bucket of fried chicken through Ethiopia).  David Lagana immediately responded on Twitter with this half-assed “sorry if you’re offended” non-apology:


Who could have foreseen that old carny Jim Cornette on commentary might say something awful?  Furthermore, they had MONTHS to edit this out and chose to air it on tonight’s show before getting caught and slapped by fans.  It’s a disgrace and unfortunately I can’t support the show any longer, so I’m dropping coverage for future episodes immediately.  It was a fun ride but that is not acceptable in 2019 by any standard.