NXT Women’s Division

I don't think Triple H gets enough credit for always being able to rebuild the NXT Womens Division after people get called up. Vince pratically took all of his core girls (to rebuild the main rosters women's division) then raided out the rest a few months later for the brand split and left him with Asuka only but he made it work. At this point last year, people were wondering who were they gonna get to program with Shayna once Kairi goes up. Enter Io who people for sure thought was a shoe in for a title win. Didn't happen and now within the span of one month, he's made viable contenders out of Team Kick, Candice, Bianca Belair, Io, Mia Yim and Rhea Ripley. We also still have the great Santana Garrett still waiting to debut, Rachel Ellering, Lacey Lane, Shotzi Blackheart and newly signed Ivelisse waiting in the wings. This isn't even counting the inevitable NXT Debut of Toni Storm. Could this be the most stacked a women's roster has ever been?

Problem is that there’s still Baszler on top and she’s not likely to drop the title anytime soon.  It’s been two years now, if Shayna isn’t ready to be called up, she never will be.