Monday Night Raw – November 18, 2019

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 18, 2019
Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler

It’s the go home show for Survivor Series but I’m not sure what that is going to mean for the build to the show. Last week on Smackdown WWE felt the need to spend the first third of the show on Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin, which isn’t happening anytime soon. Hopefully we can get something out of the NXT invasion again this week, or maybe Smackdown and Raw can remember that they’re supposed to be fighting each other too. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Becky Lynch to get things open. She wastes no time and calls out Shayna Baszler and Bayley to come face her champion to champion. Becky doesn’t care about brand supremacy so come fight her right now. Instead she gets the IIconics, who can’t believe they’re not on Team Raw at Survivor Series. Becky cuts off the catchphrase and offers to fight right now but here’s Charlotte to interrupt. Charlotte doesn’t want to tag with Becky but the forces want them together. She has her own match at Survivor Series as she will be the Captain of Team Raw. This brings out…..Samoa Joe?

Becky Lynch/Charlotte vs. IIconics

The bell rings after a break with Joe on commentary, describing himself as a Brock Lesnar proof commentator. The IIconics jump them to start and Peyton spinkicks Charlotte in the face to give Billie an early two. A missed charge in the corner gives Billie two more but Charlotte is right back with a quick Figure Eight. Becky Bexplodes Peyton and Billie taps at 2:17.

Post match the Horsewomen come in and jump the IIconics, drawing Becky and Charlotte back for the fight. The numbers get the better of Becky and Charlotte but they’re fine enough to chase the three of them into the crowd. Becky punches out a security guard to a big reaction.

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins have a Tag Team Title shot tonight…but the AOP wipes them out.

Here’s the OC for a match but first AJ Styles needs to explain that Karl Anderson is going to destroy Humberto Carrillo to make up for last week. Nothing was said here, but it was a nice way to set things up and make it clear that they’re heels. Yes the long term fans know that, but what about someone who is watching for the first time?

Karl Anderson vs. Humberto Carrillo

Carrillo takes him down in a hurry but Luke Gallows pulls Anderson to the floor before Carrillo can launch the moonsault. Cue the Street Profits to even things up and Carrillo flip dives onto the entire OC for the big knockdown. Back with Carrillo in trouble but fighting out of a chinlock, only to get pulled right back into it.

The second comeback works better with a running seated dropkick and a high crossbody for two. Carrillo’s springboard is countered into a spinebuster for two more but Carrillo is back with a springboard kick to the face. Styles offers a distraction so Gallows can snap Carrillo’s throat across the top, only to have Ford turn a small package over to give Carrillo the pin at 9:34.

Rating: C-. Carrillo can do all the athletic stuff he wants but he has the charisma of a bowling ball. The match was a nice change of pace though as you can throw a singles match between all of the pairings out there and get something different. I’ll certainly take it over the same tag matches over and over again.

Seth Rollins is ready to defend his spot on the Survivor Series team on the seven year anniversary of the Shield’s debut. We get some New England Patriots praise to get the fans on his side before Rollins talks about being ready for Andrade tonight.

Bobby Lashley vs. No Way Jose

Before the match Lana talks about how happy she is for filing for divorce this morning. She has even busted out the restraining order, meaning Rusev cannot come within ninety feet of him. Jose fires off some right hands but gets dropped with a shot to the face. The spinebuster drops him again and a full nelson finishes Jose at 1:25.

Post match, Lashley kisses Lana to the mat.

Seth Rollins vs. Andrade

The winner is on the Survivor Series team. Zelina Vega explains that Andrade is about to become the new Raw captain. Rollins takes him to the mat with a wristlock and then a headscissors but Andrade is back up both times. Rollins gets taken up against the rope but Vega grabs a boot so Rollins is pulled to the floor. Back with Rollins hitting a dive but getting sent into the corner for the running knees in the corner.

Rollins hits a superkick for two more and it’s time to strike it out. Andrade is right back with Three Amigos for two of his own before going up top, only to get caught in the Del Rio stomp. Somehow Rollins sucks it and hits a superkick into the Falcon Arrow for two more. Rollins goes up top…and the Lucha House Party from Smackdown runs in to shove Rollins off for the DQ at 15:38.

Rating: C+. This was getting better by the end and the rather weak ending, though it is better than having Andrade lose another big match. You can only do that so often before it just becomes a death sentence and Andrade is veering in that direction. This was a nice change of pace and I could go for more of it.

Post match Andrade and Rollins fight off the House Party because they’re all in this together.

Buddy Murphy knocks on Aleister Black’s door to pick a fight with him. After Murphy leaves, Black comes out and can’t see who said it. You know, because there are so many people with Australian accents running around.

HHH gets out of one of three black SUVs.

We look at CM Punk returning on Backstage.

Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy

Tozawa chops away to no avail but does manage to knock Buddy outside. The suicide dive is pulled out of the air into a suplex though and Tozawa is in trouble. Back in and we hit the abdominal stretch on Tozawa, who can’t spin out. Tozawa gets away and sends him outside, setting up a superkick back inside. The missile dropkick rocks Murphy again and a snap German suplex gives Tozawa two.

A Shining Wizard gets two more but Murphy ties him in the corner for the Cheeky Nandos kick. Tozawa jumps right back out with a reverse hurricanrana to send Murphy outside. The suicide headbutt rocks Murphy again and the top rope backsplash to Murphy’s back gets two more. Murphy scores with the jumping knee to the face though and Murphy’s Law finishes Tozawa at 6:40.

Rating: B-. Well that came out of absolutely nowhere. Tozawa is someone who can have a good match against anyone and he was given a change here. They had me thinking they might have gone with the big upset here and that is something I would not have expected coming into the match. Good stuff here and a rather nice surprise.

Rowan is playing with his unseen animal.

Murphy runs into Black and nothing is said.

Erick Rowan vs. Alex Malcolm

Before the bell, R-Truth chases the Singh Brothers to the ring but Rowan beats the Brothers up. Malcolm is thrown on top of them and the Iron Claw finishes Malcolm at 57 seconds.

Randy Orton says if the Viking Raiders want a fight, he’ll be in the ring later tonight with a partner of his choosing.

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew charges into an elbow in the corner to start and there’s a middle rope dropkick to put him down. A neckbreaker gets two on Owens and we hit the double arm crank. That’s broken up and Drew goes into the post, setting up the Cannonball. They head to the floor with Owens kicking him from the apron but getting slammed into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with McIntyre cranking on the arms again and snapping off an overhead belly to belly gets two. They fight to the floor with Owens sending him into the barricade but getting caught with an AA onto the apron. That’s good for a nine count so McIntyre immediately powerbombs him for two. A top rope superplex is broken up so Owens hits a heck of a frog splash for his own near fall.

McIntyre shrugs off a superkick but walks into a pop up sitout powerbomb for another two. The Swanton hits McIntyre’s raised knees and the Claymore gives McIntyre two thanks to a foot on the rope. The Futureshock is countered into the Stunner but it’s a very delayed cover, allowing McIntyre to get his own foot on the rope.

Futureshock connects this time and Owens kicks out again. McIntyre misses something off the top though and Owens hits another Stunner….as HHH is here. We come back from a break with the match just having ended, so we’ll say it was over when they went to a break at 17:25.

Rating: B. They were on their way to something awesome here but then the match just ends for the sake of the Survivor Series stuff. I get why they’re doing it but it’s a little annoying to get into a hot match and then just stop because we have storyline stuff to do. Again, they didn’t have someone take a fall here though and that’s a bonus.

Post break HHH is in the ring while the Forgotten Sons, Punishment Martinez and Dominick Dijakovic are guarding the entrance. HHH talks about his history here in and around Boston before moving on to Owens. Back in the day, HHH saw a lot in Owens and that’s why he brought him into NXT.

Owens turned his back on his best friend and became NXT Champion before coming here, powerbombing John Cena and standing on the US Title. HHH wants to know where Owens’ friends are to take care of Owens from the NXT guys. Cue some guys to take care of the guards but the Undisputed Era runs in to jump Owens. HHH isn’t happy but the OC runs in to chase the Era off.

Humberto Carrillo is excited about getting a United States Title shot next week.

Paul Heyman recaps Brock Lesnar’s issues with Rey Mysterio, including the Cain Velasquez situation. There is no truth to the rumors of Lesnar’s injuries but to make it more interesting, let’s make Sunday’s match No Holds Barred.

Mysterio tells Carrillo that he’s happy for his success. As for Lesnar, he accepts the No Holds Barred rules. He has a friend for Sunday in the form of a lead pipe. Whose advantage does Lesnar think it is? Rey is going to hunt Lesnar down and make him pay. Sunday is for Dominick.

Asuka vs. Natalya

Asuka rolls her up for an early two and kicks away an attempt at the discus lariat. A spinning elbow to the face gives Asuka two more and the Octopus hold goes on. That is broken up and Natalya hits her in the face to take over. Natalya’s clothesline gets two but she has to go after Kairi Sane, allowing Asuka to kick her head off for the pin at 4:38.

Rating: C-. Some of those strikes were very good with Asuka hitting her with some force. Asuka got her win back after that time a few weeks ago where Natalya made her tap that one time. The match was short but decent, even though it was the usual emotional vacuum that was a Natalya match.

Tag Team Titles: Randy Orton/??? vs. Viking Raiders

Orton and his mystery partner who isn’t a mystery if you are paying even the slightest bit of attention, Ricochet, are challenging. Ricochet chops away at Erik, who takes him down and plants him face first on the mat. A dropkick puts Erik on the floor and Orton tags himself in before the flip dive can launch. Ricochet tries a moonsault to the floor but gets kneed in the face.

Orton drops Erik onto the apron but we cut to the back where Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are beating up what looked like Eric Young and Cedric Alexander. Back from a break with Ricochet and Ivar trading flips until Ricochet is sent outside. Ivar hits his big dive and here’s Smackdown to jump Orton for the DQ at 8:23.

Rating: C. There is something amusing about WWE setting up Hawkins and Ryder as #1 contenders at a house show match in German but then having them taken out before they can even get to the ring. Anyway, the match was good enough until the finish, which fit in with a theme tonight. I don’t think the titles were ever in any real jeopardy and there were bigger things at stake here.

Orton, Ricochet and the Raiders clear the ring but here’s NXT for the brawl. NXT gets the better of it and here are even more of them, including the Undisputed Era. NXT comes in but I believe Steve Cutler walks into an RKO (which the camera misses). Everyone gets in at once but here’s Rollins with Raw for the big fight. We cut to the back with HHH saying that this is the beginning of the end. It’s over in six days when NXT shows that it is the A brand. On Wednesday, it is an open door to Raw and Smackdown to come to NXT and do whatever they want. Back in the arena, the brawl ends the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a strange one with some build towards the future in some nice pushes for fresh talent (Tozawa for one) and at the same time, a hard push towards Survivor Series. I refer to this kind of a show as the Raw Special, meaning a show that would have made a great two hour broadcast but the third (not specially 10-11pm but the extra time) dragged it down. I know it’s all gone next week, so I’ll certainly take what I can here.


Becky Lynch/Charlotte b. IIconics – Figure Eight to Kay

Humberto Carrillo b. Karl Anderson – Small package

Bobby Lashley b. No Way Jose – Full nelson

Seth Rollins b. Andrade via DQ when Lucha House Party interfered

Buddy Murphy b. Akira Tozawa – Murphy’s Law

Erick Murphy b. Alex Malcolm – Iron Claw

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre went to a no contest

Asuka b. Natalya – Kick to the head

Randy Orton/Ricochet b. Viking Raiders via DQ when Cesaro interfered

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