Survivor Series/Takeover

Bryan Alvarez went off on a great rant on Observer radio this morning about why the buildup for next weekend's WWE shows sucks so bad this year, and I wanted to echo his sentiments.
Myself and many other hardcore, longtime fans are basically the only ones left watching this product, and it's SO FUCKING COMPLICATED to follow who is facing who and why.  You've got Takeover with 2 different Wargames matches and a series of matches and angles building that up and determining who's on which team there.  Plus, running concurrently, you've got many of the same people in that match participating in a series of interbrand tag team matches for the next night, with another series of angles and matches determining who's on which team THERE.  Some people are on both, some are on neither, some are in unrelated three-way interbrand matches with the secondary champions.  But there's also a couple of non-interbrand World title matches on the show with their OWN separate buildup.  NXT is invading both shows, but RAW and Smackdown aren't invading each other and the whole thing has a vibe of NXT v. Main Roster, but we're still supposed to buy into the "brand supremacy" of RAW v. Smackdown as well as the NXT brand fighting for whatever.  It's a mess.  When you need a literal scorecard to figure out who is fighting who in what watches and why, your booking SUCKS.