Sunday Night Reset: November 17, 2019

Remember, folks, no matter how bad you think WWE TV is: on this day 41 years ago, we had the Star Wars Holiday Special.  NOTHING WWE does can be that bad.

No, Vince, wait, that’s not a challenge!

Congratulations to O’Shay Edwards, who won the PTPW Heavyweight Title last night in Washington, DC.  In addition, Mack Buckler retained the CRAB Heavyweight Title.  (This has been your Blatant Homerism Indie Roundup.)

Coming soon to this blog: a look at AJW Wrestling Queendom and the 1989 Royal Rumble.

Tonight’s NFL game is Chicago traveling to LA to face the Rams.  We will have to wait another 5 hours to find out Seth Rollins’ opinion on football.

Enjoy the night.