SS 88

Reading your review…with all the injuries and dead weight, why not take the tag teams and add them to the other matches instead? 

Imagine having twin towers, brain busters and Dibiase vs megapowers, rockers and Hercules.  Warrior, beefcake, hart foundation, blue blazer vs honky, bass, Valentine, Davis, bad news.  Jake, Duggan, powers of pain, Tito vs Andre, Rude, perfect and demolition.

The beauty of the multi man matches is that you can have an intricate and long match

Also, I think one issue with today is that you obviously see the same match a million times.  I personally would do these multi man matches a lot more . It eats up time and you can even test out new feuds. 

You'll notice, for example, that the 89 show is drastically different than this one, because this one didn't have the Hogan-Andre build behind it and basically flopped in comparison.  So they did in fact eliminate the tag team Survivor match the very next year and tweaked some of the stuff.  
And I'm long been a proponent of doing more tag team matches, because tag team wrestling is awesome.  Plus you never know who's going to have crazy chemistry together, like Cesaro and Sheamus.