SD ratings and Baron Corbin

So SD hit a new low of 2.33 on FOX down 1.5 million since they started and the 18-35/18-49 demos are scary bad. In a related story, Baron Corbin is beaming heavily pushed and on TV again. I clocked it between his opening promo/“comedy” routine and presence at ringside during the tag match, he was on screen the first 30 min of SD.

Last year he was publicly scapegoated for all the problems. The follow up was PPV wins over Strowman, a main event 6-man vs The Shield, retiring Angle at WM, a LOOONG main event title feud with Rollins and now he’s the KOTR with another goober stable with Roode and Ziggler.

They’ve tried. They book him strong and he’s a hateable heel, but ratings are ratings and people turn off when’s he’s featured. What will it take for Vince to realize Corbin just isn’t the guy.

18-49 year old males see BC and leap off the television. That’s indisputable.

And yet they’ll keep putting him on TV in prominent spots.  That’s Vince for ya.