Rikishi & Too Cool

Mr Keith……….a couple of quick Rikishi & Too Cool questions………

1.   Rewatching 2000 programing on the network was a nice reminder of just how over they were for the first half of 2000.   What got them so over?   The dancing?   Did they have a big “moment” of sorts that got them as over as they were?

2.   The crowds were going nuts for them.   Did the WWE utilize them properly at that time or do you think there was more they could have done with them all?

3.   The Rikishi heel turn in late 2000 – terrible idea correct?

1.  It was the dancing, yeah.  They didn't really have a big "moment" but rather it just built organically.  Rikishi himself had a title match with HHH that turned him into a big star though.
2.  They were used about as well as they were going to be.  Too Cool got a tag title reign out of it and Rikishi was never going to be a top guy.
3.  Yes, although it was more damaging to walk it back immediately afterwards and have HHH be the mastermind all along.  Made Kish look like a doofus and killed whatever they were building him up to be.