The ending of NXT annoyed me and I wonder if it’s just me

I caught the NXT overrun because people were raving about the main event match (which was suitably insane) and the Bayley attack annoyed me for 2 very specific, if small, reasons.

1- What were the 3 women doing in the ring for as Bayley is doing her attack? Did they just sit there & watch before deciding to help? The ring is like 20 feet away from this. It's not a Raw or SD arena where it can take 10-15 seconds to get up the ramp. SAVE YOUR TEAMMATE! 

2- Bianca gets close enough to attack/hit Bayley at the end during the chase, but just pretends to (??) and lets Bayley run backstage. Then they huddle over the fallen champ, and all act like they want to go get Bayley, but they just look around as the show ends as if Bayley will reappear. BIANCA COULD HAVE HIT BAYLEY!

Maybe I'm just an old fart of a wrestling fan, but that whole scene was completely not believable to me. 
I have yet to watch NXT but I do enjoy a good nitpicking.