The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Slam–11.20.94

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Hidden Gems – WWF Sunday Night Slam 11.20.94

Yes, it’s another USA Network special, this one building to Survivor Series 1994. And although they are traditionally two hours long, by this point the format was getting long in the tooth and so now it’s down to an hour.

Taped from Bushkill, PA in the Fernwood Resort on 11.08.94, drawing about 1500. I’d call that exceedingly generous because it looks like they’re in a gym or abandoned warehouse or something.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon & Stan Lane

The Heavenly Bodies v. The Smoking Gunns

Apparently there’s a heated issue here resulting from hats getting destroyed. The Gunns storm the ring and chase the Bodies to the floor, and back in for a criss cross that leads to Bill hitting a bulldog on Dr. Tom for two. How can Stan Lane be an objective journalist for this match? He was a former member of the Bodies! Del Ray comes in with a headlock on Bart as Gorilla is really excited about the notion of Lex Luger facing Tatanka at Survivor Series should the elimination tag fall that way. You and, like, one other person, buddy! Bart outwrestles Del Ray and goes to his own headlock. Over to Billy and the Gunns double-team Del Ray, but then stop to celebrate and don’t actually go for a cover. And then Bart gets low-bridged on the heel side and Tom sends him into the post, making him YOUR cowboy-in-peril. Stan points out that if you think THIS is exciting, just wait until Survivor Series. Luckily, I do not think this is exciting, so I’m good. Bart comes back with a backslide on Tom for two, but they take him to the corner for more abuse and choking. And we take a break and return with Del Ray trying an arrogant pin on Bart, but it gets reversed for two. Tom goes to a chinlock as Stan notes that the PPV is going to be “A shootout at the OK Corral – TEXAS STYLE!” This is for a match between Undertaker and Yokozuna, I’ll remind you. Del Ray with a neckbreaker for two as this drags on and Lane gets continually more excited about Survivor Series and all the matches therein. More choking in the corner, but Bart gets a small package on Dr. Tom for two. Del Ray puts him down again with a back kick and Tom goes up, but misses a kneedrop and it’s hot tag to the horse’s Ass. So the Gunns double-team Tom with a press slam to the delight of the heat machine, but Del Ray cuts Billy off with a superkick for two. And then Billy gets a crucifix rollup for the pin at 14:57. This was just a match, way before the Gunns were any good. **1/4

Meanwhile, we get a recap of the Bret-Backlund feud and all the stuff leading up to the title match. This includes an interview with Bret and Bob on the Heartbreak Hotel from Superstars, where Bret declares that at the PPV, he’s fighting for every young child who believes in him. Aw, is that what happened to Hartkiller? He bought the show to see Bret defend against Backlund and then had his heart broken by the loss? I think we may have cracked the code.

Yokozuna v. John Chrystal

Yoko of course bulldozes this geek and pins him with a Rock Bottom in 1:05.


Todd mocks Yokozuna’s “legendary fear of caskets” and how he gets freaked out by them. That’s so CRAZY! Talk about an irrational, nutty fear. This segment had been hyped for having “special comments from Chuck Norris”, which turns out to be a pre-produced commercial for the casket match where Chuck kicks a heavy bag and says he won’t let the heels interfere on the PPV. No false advertising on this show!

Davey Boy Smith v. Owen Hart

Bulldog has some pyro that shoots from the entrance, and they overdub some weird “woosh, woosh” sound effects over top of it for some reason. This must have been brutal to watch live at the time, as they take a break after Bulldog’s entrance, and then Owen does his entrance, and then they take ANOTHER break before the start of the match! Shoving match to start and Owen runs away from confrontation, then celebrates behind Bulldog’s back. Bulldog works the arm and they trade hammerlocks, but Bulldog wins that battle with a press slam and clotheslines him to the floor. Owen decides to walk out on the match, but then suckers Davey in for a suplex attempt on the apron. Bulldog of course reverses that and suplexes Owen back into the ring, then follows with a hiptoss and goes back to the arm again. Owen takes him down with a knee to the gut and we take ANOTHER break. Back with Owen in control and he stomps away and gets an inverted atomic drop, then chokes Bulldog on the ropes for two. To the chinlock, but Bulldog fights out, so Owen puts him down with an elbow for two and goes back to the chinlock. Bulldog fights back with a sunset flip for two, but the Owenzuigiri gets two. Owen with another chinlock and he goes up and drops an elbow for two. Bulldog with a small package for two, but Owen puts him down with a clothesline for two and MOTHERFUCKER WE GET ANOTHER BREAK? This one is a fake break, however, as it’s a taped show and thus we just continue right where we left off and nothing is actually cut. Bulldog fights out of the chinlock, so Owen undoes the turnbuckle pad, but Bulldog slingshots him into the exposed steel and gets two. Davey with a monkey flip, but he charges and hits boot and Owen puts him down with a bulldog. Owen with a leapfrog and he suddenly drops to the mat and sells a twisted knee, but of course it’s just a setup as Mr. Backlund runs in and procures the chickenwing on Bulldog for the DQ at 12:50. They were having a really good match before the fuck finish, although they could literally have a great match with each other in their sleep, I’d bet. ***1/2

As far as throwaway hype shows go, you could do a lot worse. Nothing bad on here and the main event is worth checking out.

Here’s my most recent version of Survivor Series 94 (written in October 2018) should you desire to give that a look as well after reading this: