What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – November 4, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes are in the booth and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the matches on this show were taped on October 11.

Opening Contest:  Paul Orndorff (22-8) pins Rick Garcia after a piledriver at 1:50 shown:

The match is joined in progress due to another program pre-empting WCW Saturday Night.  Orndorff struggles thanks to his recent string of bad luck, but Garcia botches a top rope maneuver and Orndorff follows with a piledriver to go over.  After the match, Orndorff looks into the ringside camera and begs Gary Spivey to call him.

Chris Benoit (3-0) defeats Alex Wright (53-8-3) with a dragon suplex at 6:23:

Dusty takes great joy calling Sonny Onoo “Sonny Onoo Bono” and cracking jokes at the idea that Bobby Heenan has the authority to sell airtime on WCW Pro.  A collision off the ropes, where it appears Wright was going to try a hiptoss spot, buckles the young German’s knee and injures it, which is why Wright was not wrestling on Monday Nitro with Eddy Guerrero several weeks ago.  They do not go home, though, with Wright taking a stiff chop, clothesline, and a Liontamer before doing a few reversal sequences.  Wright hits his missile dropkick, but Benoit switches out of a German suplex effort and hits a dragon suplex to remain undefeated.  Hopefully Wright got some street cred in the locker room for how he worked this match on a busted knee.  Rating:  **¾

The Nasty Boys (43-6-3) defeat the State Patrol (1-7) when Brian Knobbs pins Lieutenant James Earl after the Nasty Splash at 5:53:

Since Harlem Heat has the tag team titles it seems inevitable that we will get another clash between them and the Nasties, which might be why the Nasties are being reheated.  The State Patrol utilize some nice double teams, using a nightstick to block the Pit Stop and Sergeant Buddy Lee Parker flies off the apron to give Knobbs a bulldog on the floor.  Such efforts are for naught, though, as Jerry Sags cleans house with a hot tag, shrugs off Parker’s attempted interference, and the Nasty Splash finishes.  This is the second time the Patrol have lost to the Nasties this year on Saturday NightRating:  *¾

Gene Okerlund interviews the Nasties, who say that they have been gone because they are too nice.  They call out Harlem Heat for a title shot in a promo that is identical to one they cut in the spring when they were also chasing the titles.

V.K. Wallstreet (3-2) beats Mike Davis after the Stock Market Crash at 3:55:

This is a terrible squash match, with Wallstreet working a lot of rest holds in between two fluke pins attempts by Davis.  Wallstreet finishes with the Stock Market Crash and tells the cameraman that people better “start paying the Wallstreet” as we continue to flirt with WWF gimmick infringement.

Okerlund interviews Wallstreet.  He says V.K. in his name does not stand for “very kind” and WCW will quickly realize that.  In actuality, he had those initial because it was the first two initial in Vince McMahon’s name.  Wallstreet vows revenge on Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who cost him a match against Sergeant Craig Pittman on the most recent episode of WCW Main Event.

Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (6-1-1) defeat Dave Sullivan & Cobra when Pillman pins Cobra after the Atomic Blonde at 5:14:

Sullivan was a replacement for the Renegade, with no explanation given for why the Renegade is not appearing.  Cobra shows no signs of disappointment, but he is used to his partner’s deserting him.  Schiavone hypes Cobra as a “CIA special ops agent” which is laughable because if the CIA were training wrestlers, they would likely last more than three minutes in singles matches.  They would probably help them overcome more two-on-one beatdowns too, which Cobra falls victim to in the closing moments.  And in one of the most comedic finishes in tag team history, Sullivan throws himself on top of Cobra as Pillman goes to the top rope for the Atomic Blonde.  Pillman looks on in disbelief, laughs, and splashes both of his opponents and still pins Cobra anyway, with Schiavone and Dusty baffled as to what Sullivan was trying to do.  Rating:  *½

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (Champions w/Sister Sherri) (47-8-3) defeat the Blue Bloods (24-6-2) when Booker T pins Lord Steven Regal after Colonel Robert Parker interferes at 13:12 shown:

The Blue Bloods are riding a two-match losing streak to the American Males and Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and somehow they get a title shot?  WCW’s booker did not plan this one out very well.  Dusty attributes the Blue Bloods lack of success to the fact that they do not embrace the school of clubberin’, chastising their technical offense as weak and ineffective.  That might be a step too far but the Bloods offense in this bout is really boring, making a five-minute heat segment on Booker T feel like twenty.  Even Schiavone grows bored, leaving Dusty to talk to himself.  Booker T makes a hot tag to Stevie Ray, only to tag back in seconds later so the Heat can do a Heat Bomb, but Eaton breaks that up to trigger a four-way brawl.  Booker T gets laid out with a neckbreaker on the arena floor by Eaton and Regal applies the Regal Stretch in the ring.  Sherri takes off her shoe and tries to hit Regal but cannot reach, so Colonel Robert Parker runs out and lays Regal out with the shoe to help the Heat retain.  Aside from continuing the purgatory that is the Parker-Sherri storyline, that finish was a good use of Parker.  Rating:  *

Okerlund interviews Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.  They repeat the same lines the Horseman have been using on all of WCW’s television shows this week.  Ric Flair joins the promo late and he says that a fourth man for the Horseman has been found.  He does not announce who this person is, though.

Tune in next week to see Arn Anderson face Kurasawa!  Also, Disco Inferno will debut a new music video and Hacksaw Jim Duggan keeps tracing his taped fist roots!

The Last Word:  Aside from the effort displayed by Alex Wright in the second match this was a forgettable episode of Saturday Night that did not feature any new storyline developments.  The tag team division is stale, with the Heat likely to keep the belts for a long time because no one is around to give them a serious challenge.  And if the Nasty Boys are the best challengers WCW can find then that only makes things worse.  And will something new take place between Sister Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker?  They are locked into a never-ending sequence of events of fawning over each other without it going somewhere.  If Parker is supposed to be the Heat’s co-manager, then go ahead and make that official.

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