Dynamite – November 13, 2019

Date: November 13, 2019
Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

It’s time for the next step around here as we get into the fallout from Full Gear. That could go in a lot of different directions though as they do not have a next major event on the schedule just yet. The big story out of Saturday is MJF turning on Cody and Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley losing their minds. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Full Gear.

The announcers preview the show.

Kenny Omega is banged up.

Jon Moxley vs. Michael Nakazawa

Nakazawa, Omega’s friend, throws the baby oil away to start and hammers away, only to get beaten down. The Paradigm Shift gives Moxley the pin at 1:08.

Post match Moxley asks if that one counts. He did what he promised he would do at Full Gear and Omega will never be the same again. Moxley respects Omega because he doesn’t think anyone else will have the guts to face him. He is on a pilgrimage to scorch AEW and leave himself as the last man standing. If anyone is man enough, come face him, but say goodbye to your loved ones first.

Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express

Marko goes straight at Uno to start but it’s Jungle Boy coming in to headlock Grayson down. That’s escaped so it’s a hurricanrana to take over again. The rapid pace continues with another tag to Stunt and an elevated flip dive to Grayson’s back as well. Stunt gets caught in the corner though and Uno hits a Swanton for two. Grayson hits his own shot to the back and it’s Uno pulling on Stunt’s nose. Back from a break with Stunt hitting a big spinning Downward Spiral to drop Uno.

Grayson pulls Boy off the apron, though he drops Grayson and gets the tag anyway. Everything breaks down and Boy hits a suicide dive, with JR saying it’s the first one of the night. A knee gets two on Uno and everything breaks down. Stunt’s hurricanrana gets two on Grayson with Uno shoving Boy into the cover for the break. Boy’s suicide dive is blocked and it’s some knees to the head to put him down. The Nightfall sets up the Fatality to finish Stunt at 9:30.

Rating: C. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m relieved for the Dark Order. There is no way to have Stunt beat someone and make it be believable. I guess he’s popular enough to keep himself around but at the same time, he makes it impossible to buy anything as being a realistic possibility. The match was fine enough, but you can’t stop looking at Stunt.

Post match the Order praises Stunt and offers him a spot on the team. Boy turns it down for him and gets attacked, with the Order putting the mask on him, only to have Luchasaurus return for the save. A spinning kick to the face takes out three Creepers at once, leaving Grayson and Uno to face him alone. Uno bails so it’s a chokeslam into a standing moonsault to Grayson. Now that is how you make someone look like a star.

Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears vs. Peter Avalon

Allin’s entrance cuts off Avalon running down country music. Avalon misses a dive at the other two to start and it’s Allin hitting the high angle springboard armdrag to put Spears on the floor. Allin hits a dropkick to put Avalon outside as well but Spears breaks up another dive. A belly to back faceplant gets two on Allin but here’s Joey Janela to get in a fight with Spears. They fight into the crowd, leaving Allin and Avalon on their own. The flipping Stunner into the Coffin Drop finishes Avalon at 3:49.

Rating: D+. No time here but Allin winning was the good way to go as he has turned into a star around here. Even I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him so far and that isn’t what I would have expected when I first saw him. The time hurt things here but in a way, it’s a lot better than having these three fight for ten minutes.

Post match Darby says he accepts Moxley’s challenge.

Nyla Rose vs. Dani Jordan

Rose misses a big boot to start so Jordan hammers away. The chokeslam is escaped and there’s a slap to Rose, which is not going to end well. She runs Jordan over and it’s a Samoan drop into a Beast Bomb for the pin on Jordan at 1:34.

Here’s Allie for a chat but after some sucking up to Nashville, the lights go out. Cue Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes so Allie can be destroyed. Allie loses some hair, just like Bea Priestly did last week.

Here’s Chris Jericho for a chat. Jericho brags about retaining the title and proving once again that he is the greatest of all time. Therefore, he deserves a thank you from every member of the roster, the back, front and side offices. Now he’s beaten Cody, who is nothing more than an entitled millennial. There go the lights and here’s….MJF to Cody’s entrance, including pyro, music and mocking of his entrance.

Jericho isn’t sure what to think of this but MJF yells at the fans about how he threw the towel in to save Cody’s career. The fans have been cheering for the real villain every time they see Cody. The real Cody only cares about himself because he saw MJF as a puppet. That’s not enough to convince the fans but Cody was keeping MJF under his thumb. Cody’s thumb isn’t big enough to hold MJF down because he is the new face of AEW and Cody knows it.

As for Jericho, MJF has heard that Jericho wants him in the Inner Circle. Jericho has heard that MJF is interested but they stop to make fun of each others names. MJF thinks Jericho has had a little too much of the bubbly. Jericho talks about how similar they are, to the point where he thinks MJF’s parents got into it watching him beat up Juventud Guerrera twenty five years ago and MJF is the result. MJF: “Who the **** is Juvy???” Jericho: “Google it!”

They tease getting in a fight before agreeing that they don’t like Cody. There’s a hug but here’s Cody to interrupt. He has a nasty patch above his head and can’t hit the powerslam on Jericho, with JR being smart enough to blame it on Cody being banged up from Full Gear. The beatdown is on but Wardlow debuts and lays Cody out with a spinning AA. MJF tells him to do it and Wardlow takes off his tie to hang Cody. I liked a lot of the things in here, but there were a few too many things going on to like in the first place.

Pac vs. Hangman Page

Rematch from Full Gear. Pac wastes no time in kicking him down and Page gets kicked to the floor. The moonsault to the floor keeps Page rocked but he’s fine enough to hit a running dropkick in the corner. That means a suicide dive and a pop up powerbomb for two on Pac. They’re not wasting time here. Page kicks him out of the air for two but Pac hits a pair of missile dropkicks to take over again. They head outside again with Page hitting his own top rope moonsault and we take a break.

Back with Page flipping out of a German suplex and nailing a discus lariat for the double knockdown. Another hard shot puts Pac on the floor but he suckers Page in, only to have Page catch him with a brainbuster on the floor. The Buckshot lariat gets two on Pac because this company has some issues with finishing a match. Pac hits a pair of pump kicks and Page is almost out, because the guy who took a brainbuster on the floor and a finisher is suddenly on the verge of winning by stoppage. The Black Arrow sets up the Brutalizer and Page is out at 12:09.

Rating: B-. The action was good but, as mentioned on Saturday, if you’re not going to finish the match with those big spots, stop doing them. Don’t have Pac get dropped on his head and then take Page’s finisher only to win the match in dominant fashion two minutes later. It doesn’t make me think that one of the guys is tough. It just makes me think that the Buckshot Lariat is a weak finisher that has no effect.

We cut to the back where the Young Bucks are getting in a fight with Santana and Ortiz. Santana dives off of a forklift as Ortiz is knocked into a bathroom door to find….Orange Cassidy. Nothing happens as the door is closed again and Matt superkicks Ortiz. Post break the fight comes into the arena and Santana and Ortiz take over with some slapjack shots to Nick’s knee. They spray paint a target on a table and powerbomb Matt through it for the huge crash. Brandon Cutler comes out for the save and gets beaten down as well. Private Party makes the real save.

Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party is set for next week. Even JR says that was fast.

Tag Team Titles: SCU vs. Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara

Jericho and Guevara are challenging and have Jake Hager in their corner, though Christopher Daniels is here to balance things out. After the Big Match Intros, we’re ready to go. Kazarian and Jericho go with the grappling to start and Kazarian snaps off an armdrag into an armbar. Sky and Guevara come in with the former hitting a backbreaker and we take a break.

Back with Sammy dropkicking Guevara into the corner but stopping to pose with Jericho. The chinlock keeps Kazarian down but he powers up and rolls over for the hot tag off to Sky. Everything breaks down with Jericho having to save Sammy from a dragon sleeper. Hager pulls Kazarian to the floor and takes him down, leaving Sky to kick Jericho in the head. Jericho is right back with the bulldog but the Lionsault hits knees. He’s fine enough to Codebreak Sky out of the air for two but Sky is back with a small package to retain at 10:45.

Rating: C+. That was quite the ending and they didn’t go anywhere other than straight into making Sky look like a big deal. Having him hand his half of the Tag Team Titles Daniels so he can get in a World Title shot wouldn’t shock me and that wouldn’t be the biggest stretch. Sky is a very talented guy and giving him a big chance is a smart move. I’m glad they didn’t change the titles as well, with SCU needing some more wins to put them on the level of the other tag teams.

Jericho is ticked and throws an old school fit to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. There were more good things on the show than bad but there were things that got on my nerves as well. You have the aforementioned issues between Page and Pac (in their rematch from four days ago), the completely unnecessary and out of place Cassidy cameo and the continued existence of Marko Stunt, none of which are the best ideas. On the other hand though you have Sky getting a push, Allin getting to move up to face Moxley, Luchasaurus being back early and Santana and Ortiz looking more and more awesome every week. There is more good than bad, but some of the bad is just annoying sometimes.


Jon Moxley b. Michael Nakazawa – Paradigm Shift

Dark Order b. Jurassic Express – Fatality to Stunt

Darby Allin b. Peter Avalon and Shawn Spears – Coffin Drop to Avalon

Nyla Rose b. Dani Jordan – Beast Bomb

Pac b. Hangman Page – Brutalizer

SCU b. Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara – Small package to Jericho

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