Page Vs Pac again this week on Dynamite

Got to say I think it's a bit of a mistake to do this again so soon

The Full Gear match was a good way to blow it off whilst leaving the door open more in a few months time

Either Page wins, which will hurt Pac to lose two high profile matches so close together, or Pac wins and it starts to get into WWE 50/50 territory considering it'll be something like the fifth time they've wrestled in the same match since the bout from England and AEW has only done six TV shows thus far


Yeah, not sure what the specific thought process behind booking a rematch already is.  It feels like they need to move onto something different with them, although it could be something where they need an angle to set up The Match Beyond on the next PPV.  I don't really like doing rematches from the PPV on the very next TV show in general, though.