Scott Steiner’s WWE stint

Since it's Survivor Series time, I decided to throw on one I hadn't seen before.  So I picked Survivor Series 2002 mainly because I hadn't seen the first Elimination Chamber match.  I got to the segment where Scott Steiner interrupts Christopher Nowitski and Matt Hardy trashing New York.  He comes in, kicks both their asses, and is over huge with the MSG crowd.  Seven months later, he's feuding with Test.  What happened?  IIRC, Steiner didn't wrestle much if at all prior to the disastrous Royal Rumble match with HHH. Was their feud/match too much too soon?  Ol' Trips deserves some of the blame for the length of the match.  In retrospect, should they have built Steiner up more and saved the match for WrestleMania?  
They made so many mistakes with it.  Steiner as a babyface to start was terrible.  Hunter was the wrong opponent for him in every way and it should have been someone small like Rey Mysterio (but not Rey) that he could throw around and dominate.  What I find really weird is that Vince got handed this guy who looks like a bodybuilder and cuts promos like Superstar Billy Graham and COULDN'T GET HIM OVER.