Hey, a heel turn we can talk about that isn't theoretical!

Anyhoo, I've e-mailed you a couple of times about when the Cody-Powers would explode. I dug the angle last night, but I can't help but feel it was toon soon.

I think they could have Honky Tonked this a bit longer. Like you said, throwing in the towel and being broken hearted gave MJF plausible deniability. Cody is the big man and forgives him.

Flash-forward to the January PPV and the rumor that AEW is doing "The Match Beyond". MJF turns on Team Cody to help the Inner Circle win, and we get the non-shitty version of Curt Hennig turning on the Horsemen.

Do you think the MJF turn happen too quickly?

Yeah, funny story, I was in the midst of typing up the whole plausible deniability story in the review and where they could go, and then BAM, MJF kicks him in the nuts and I'm like "Oh, OK then" and I had to go back and delete it all.

That being said, MJF is a spectacular heel and this gives Cody a direction moving forward, so I'm never going to complain about someone actually pulling the trigger on something.