The Evolution of Le Champion

Hey Scott–

Those of us who have followed your writing for a long time can track the evolution of your opinion on The Rock, and how you went from making jokes about his sideburns and chinlocks to the (deserved) belief that he's the greatest of all time and can do no wrong (outside of, y'know, "Doom").

Is Jericho in that conversation now, as well? To go from Shawn Michaels clone at the beginning of his career, through all the permutations and reinventions culminating in his flawless King Douche persona of LE CHAMPION, does Chris Jericho deserve a seat next to Rocky as the greatest ever?

He's certainly one of the great ones at reinventing himself and staying relevant with the times, that's for sure.  I wouldn't say all time great, though, since he never really had the body of work as a top guy like Rock had.