WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 6 — UNLEASH THE FURY

We made it!

So the big news for tonight’s SmackDown is that it’s already happened.  The show is being aired same-day tape from Manchester, England, meaning we get to view Old Trafford and the crowd gets to boo it.

The big story is that Manchester’s own Tyson Fury is going to speak.  Fresh off of a countout win over Braun Strowman, aka the Big Strow, Fury will address what he will be doing in both boxing and, potentially, wrestling.  Does he have another match in him?  Will he be better trained in the basics?  Is this just a friendly gesture for the Mancunians?

In addition, a match that was supposed to happen until everyone got stuck on the tarmac will be on the show tonight as Roman Reigns faces King Corbin.  Plus, Sasha Banks has a clean bill of health and will show it against Nikki Cross.  Plus, at least one NXT wrestler will make an appearance!  Which one?  Eh, I’ve probably said too much as it is.

Football has a college doubleheader.  UCF faces Tulsa on ESPN2 first, then we flip to FS1 for Washington and Oregon State.  The Cavaliers and Wizards meet on ESPN, followed by a college matchup of Washington (again) and Baylor, live from Anchorage, AK!  More basketball on ESPNU, as Illinois-Chicago faces Memphis in what may be your last chance to see phenom Jason Wiseman for the Tigers, with top 5 Kansas hosting last year’s mid-major bubble darling UNC Greensboro.  CBS Sports Network is showing Auburn/Davidson right now, with Navy facing East Carolina in the back half.

If you can’t afford or don’t wish to pay for Full Gear tomorrow, two options for wrestling: CHIKARA’s season finale Tug of War is on IWTV, while the SHE-1 will be streamed on YouTube!

Keep it clean, follow my instructions at all times.  Now touch gloves and come out swinging!