NXT UK – November 7, 2019

Date: November 7, 2019
Location: Brentwood Centre, Essex, England
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness

I’m not sure what is going on here but things have felt rather flat lately. Maybe it is the lack of Walter and the top title, but they have gone about as far as they can without the champ showing up anytime in recent weeks. The rest of the stuff has been running out of steam for a good while now and they need to come up with something else. Maybe they can do that tonight so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Joe Coffey vs. Tyson T-Bone

Coffey goes right after him and it’s a slugout to start. You don’t try to punch with someone named T-Bone and of course he gets the better of it, only to have Coffey knee him in the ribs. Coffey muscles him up for a backbreaker and a hard clothesline gets two. The armbar goes on for a good while until T-Bone hiptosses his way to freedom. A suplex gets two on Coffey but he’s right back with a spinning middle rope crossbody. All The Best For The Bells finishes T-Bone at 4:52.

Rating: C-. It was a scrappy win but Coffey gets some momentum back after being out of the ring for a long time. That’s a good idea as Gallus seems primed for a big push, perhaps as faces. Coffey won clean here and he still has a heck of a finisher to go with the awesome name. T-Bone is good in rolls like this and the match would have been even better without the long armbar.

Xia Brookside isn’t worried about Kay Lee Ray because she has been training hard.

Ridge Holland, who wears shoes and walks through puddles, is coming. You may remember him as Luke Menzies.

Video on Piper Niven, who started watching during the Attitude Era and then thought she could do that. More on this next week.

Killer Kelly vs. Isla Dawn

This is Kelly’s first match since May due to a knee injury. Dawn takes her down by the arm to start and goes for the knee, sending Kelly straight to the ropes. Kelly slugs away and gets two off a clothesline but Dawn is back with some uppercuts. A Saito suplex is blocked so Dawn gets two off a belly to back instead. Kelly is back up with a running dropkick into the corner and another in the corner for a bonus. Not that it matters as Dawn grabs a bridging half and half suplex for the pin at 4:24.

Rating: C. Kelly has never quite done it for me and Dawn is someone whose gimmick gets my attention but it never quite clicks. The other problem is that there really isn’t any room at the top of the division and I’m not sure where Dawn would fit. We’ve been here before, and I don’t see the result going any differently.

Kassius Ohno doesn’t think much of British Strong Style because they just took an idea from Japan because it sounded cool. Now he’ll have to teach Tyler Bate a lesson at the hands of the wrestling genius.

Next week: Ray vs. Brookside and Banks vs. Ligero II.

Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Webster and Gibson get things going with Gibson throwing him down to start without much effort. That earns him a headlock takeover as the first gear continues. Drake comes in and gets sunset flipped for two so it’s off to Andrews, which sends Drake bailing to the floor. After a breather, Drake comes back in but can’t backslide Andrews. The opposite can happen for a near fall though and it’s Andrews hitting a basement dropkick for two more.

An armdrag keeps Drake in trouble as Gibson offers some loud advice: “DRAKE! STOP HIM!” Everything breaks down again and stereo dropkicks put the Veterans on the floor. Back in and Webster drops Gibson for two but it’s Drake coming in off a blind tag to kick him in the leg. Another dropkick knocks Andrews off the apron and Nigel is on his feet in love of Gibson.

The kneeling backbreaker/slingshot elbow to the chest crushes Webster on the floor as the momentum has completely changed in a hurry. A hard elbow to the jaw gives Drake two and the chinlock goes on. Gibson comes in for a harder chinlock, followed by Drake’s spinwheel kick to the head. A suplex sets up another chinlock but Webster finally fights up with some forearms. The Blue Boy Block puts Drake down but Gibson is right there to pull Andrews to the floor.

A kick to the chest is enough to get rid of Drake though and Andrews comes in to clean house. Andrews’ tornado DDT and assisted 450 get two on Gibson but Webster gets sent outside. A superkick/neckbreaker combination gets two on Andrews but he’s fine enough to catch Drake in a sitout powerbomb. There’s a slingshot hurricanrana to put Gibson down on the floor so Webster can slingshot onto Drake for two.

Back in and Webster gets out of the Shankley Gates but takes a running dropkick in the corner. Double knees to the chest give Drake two and the fans are rather impressed. A Doomsday Device misses and Webster rolls Gibson up for two and Andrews hits a reverse hurricanrana on Gibson for the four way knockdown. Cue Imperium and Gallus on the stage for a staredown, with Gallus running in to jump the Veterans for the DQ at 19:27.

Rating: B. This took its time but started rocking by the end and I’m glad they went with the ending instead of someone taking a fall. It’s a good match with two talented teams, as Andrews and Webster have done more than I was expecting from them. The action was hot and it didn’t feel as long as it was so well done on all counts.

Post match the double beatdown is on and it’s another Gallus vs. Imperium staredown. Alexander Wolfe and Joe Coffey come out to make it three on three. Cue Walter and Gallus is in trouble….so it’s Ilja Dragunov to even things up again and it’s the big staredown into the big brawl to end the show with the crowd WAY into things.

Overall Rating: B-. The ending segment was quite good and it’s amazing how much better the show feels just because Walter is there. I know it was all of a minute and a half but he gets your attention and you know that something important is happening. The main event and the post match angle carried this after a just ok first half. A revamped (and apparently face) Gallus vs. Imperium works for me, as you can only rely on British Strong Style for so long. Not a great start but a very strong ending and that’s more important.


Joe Coffey b. Tyson T-Bone – All The Best For The Bells

Isla Dawn b. Killer Kelly – Bridging half and half suplex

Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews b. Grizzled Young Veterans via DQ when Gallus interfered

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