Indies and Insanity: November 7, 2019

Man, how nice that today’s the one day none of the major shows (WWE, NWA, AEW, not even Impact) are running.  Makes it the perfect day to report on the indies.

Real Sports Report: your Game of the Week of the Day in the NFL is the former San Diego against the future Las Vegas.  The NBA on TNT has Celtics/Hornets, then Blazers/Clippers.  If you prefer the college game, we got Temple against South Florida on ESPN as well as Louisiana Lafayette against Coastal Carolina on ESPNU.

But first, educating you on the future of wrestling that no one watches, here’s your Indie Roundup!

And now, a look at what you should be watching if you want to expand your mind and be that guy who knew everyone before NXT signed them.  (PS — I’ve worked shows with new WWE PC referee Stephon Smith and this is a congratulations to him.)

  • As is practically tradition now, we start with a preview of Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory on IWTV.  Matt Makowski just unseated Tony Deppen for the Discovery Gauntlet title, and now he takes on O’Shay Edwards (who is Tommy Hall approved)!  The Sea Stars face To Infinity And Beyond in intergender tag action, while the solo variety sees Richard Holliday face Solo Darling!  And up top, former CZW headliner John Silver faces Christian Casanova!
  • Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia comes CHIKARA’s season finale, Tug of War!  Mike Quackenbush himself faces Thomas Santell!  Top young lion Still Life with Apricots and Pears takes on Sonny Defarge!  The tag belts are on the line as Team FIST face The Bird and The Bee!  And in the main event, CHIKARA’s grand champion Dasher Hatfield defends against The Whisper!
  • Revolution Pro comes to you with a doubleheader Saturday in Sheffield!  The afternoon show is an eight-woman tournament for their Queen of the Ring — and what a field you got!  Chantal Jordan, Debbie Keitel, Jayda, Lana Austin, Lizzy Evo, Maddison Miles, Saraya Knight, and Shax will see who is the Queen!
  • That night they come back with New Beginnings!  We don’t know much about the card, but what we do know is really good… how about Chris Brookes against Robbie X?  Kyle Fletcher taking on Shota Umino?  And the tag belts on the line as the Rampage face Kurtis Chapman and Dan Magee?
  • SHINE 62 is on tap for Saturday from La Boom!  And they’re putting all their eggs in one basket as every title is on the line in a wild six-woman tag!  SHINE champ Allysin Kay teams with BTY (Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle) to take on Nova champ Shotzi Blackheart and tag champions Triple Aye (Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera), and the winning team will hold all the gold!  But if SHINE is in New York…
  • …EVOLVE can’t be far behind!  They’re running La Boom Saturday night for EVOLVE 139, and oh my is it something else!  Babatunde gets his hands on Eddie Kingston!  Matt Sydal is here to face Leon Ruff!  JD Drake and Anthony Henry go no holds barred!  And in the main event, Austin Theory defends against Josh Briggs with orders from above: this match MUST be one-on-one and if any wrestler tries to change that with interference, they are FIRED!
  • But EVOLVE never just runs one show, do they?  EVOLVE 140 will be in Brooklyn the next night!  JD Drake and Babtunde face off and there must be a winner!  Austin Theory faces Curt Stallion in non-title action!  Shotzi Blackheart gives her farewell speech!  And up top, it’s a high flyer dream match as AR Fox faces Matt Sydal!
  • wXw comes to you Saturday night in Bielefeld, Germany for their Broken Rules show!  The Crown explodes as Alexander James and Jurn Simmons meet in a NO-DQ match!  Lucky Kid and Pete Bouncer look to hurt if they can get the baseball bat on a pole!  David Starr and Ilja Dragunov rematch from the tag team festival!  And up top, the Pretty Bastards meet the Arrows of Hungary for the tag gold in a TLC match!
  • But our INDIE SPOTLIGHT is on Pro Wrestling EVE in London, as Saturday and Sunday they are doing their annual SHE-1 Series!  It’s four shows — two per day — with three groups of four.  At the end of the round-robin, the three group winners meet for the crown!  Here’s the field:
    • Group A: Aleah James, Angel Hayze, Kasey, Mercedes Martinez
    • Group B: Gisele Shaw, Laura DiMatteo, Millie McKenzie, Nicole Savoy
    • Group C: Jazz, Jetta, Mei Suruga, Rhia O’Reilly
  • No information yet on non-tournament matches, but there’s sure to be some good ones!

And now, your indie match of the week!  As we’re celebrating the SHE-1 and Shotzi Blackheart’s promotion to NXT, we go to Impact Wrestling, who hosted this match from Zelo Pro — it’s triple-threat action as the Ballsiest Bitch in the Building (that’s Shotzi) takes on the Party Unicorn Laynie Luck and Smiley Kylie Rae!  Enjoy!

Bring the Insanity!


THIS JUST IN: My buddies from another site run a wild podcast they call Whacked Out Wrestling.  Today, they’re proud to have done their first interview with an actual wrestler… no, not me, very funny.  So Thomas Greene and “Mox” Lopez present their talk with ROH and NOAH veteran Andy Dalton!