Buyrate prediction for Full Gear?

The first two AEW PPVs both did about 100k buys, which by all accounts was a fantastic number without any television.

Now, AEW has television and seems to have built two very high-profile main event matches, with Cody/Jericho in particular feeling like a true "money" match, in the old-school sense of the world.

As an added bonus for AEW in the US, the LSU/Alabama game is being played in the afternoon, eliminating that as possible competition.

So what do you think the buyrate looks like? You would assume those 100k would come back for Full Gear. How many more do you think they could attract?

And wasn't it neat to have a true go-home show for a pay-per-view that felt like it really mattered? Outside of WrestleMania (and WWE even messed that up this year by not just booking Becky v Ronda), that's something that has been absent from in the WWE Network/streaming era. 

I think if they keep doing 100k in the current PPV universe everyone will be happy.  That’s a 10% conversion rate, which WWE would kill for even today.  I’d be willing to drop $60 for that show given the buildup.  Thankfully I don’t have to because I’m a famous internet reviewer, but I WOULD.