WWF Monday Night RAW – July 4, 1994

July 4, 1994

From the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Randy Savage

In action this week are Jim Neidhart, The Undertaker, and Jeff Jarrett vs. Tatanka


Tatanka vs. Jeff Jarrett

Tatanka attacks Jarrett after the bell then catches him on a floatover and hits a running powerslam for a two count. Vertical suplex gets two. Jarrett catches Tatanka with a drop toe hold then uses a side headlock as the announcers now talk about Tatanka’s match against The Undertaker on “Superstars.” Gorilla also talks about Ted DiBiase taking over “All-American Wrestling” as Tatanka fights back with a few chops then uses a side headlock. The announcers now talk about Paul Bearer’s appearance on the “Heartbreak Hotel” as Tatanka continues to wear down Jarrett with a headlock. Jarrett is able to sidestep a charge and toss Tatanka outside then catches his breath. Jarrett targets the back on the outside then cuts off a comeback by tossing Tatanka into the ropes. Jarrett then rolls back inside and the bell rings as we presume that Jarrett wins via count out (6:21). However, Jarrett wants his music cut and says he did come all the way to New York City to win by count out. Jarrett calls out Savage for wanting to take a victory like this but he wants to pin Tatanka and demands the match restarted. Jarrett says Tatanka is scared then we go to break and return with the match in progress. Jarrett drops Tatanka with a back elbow smash for a two count then uses a chin lock. Jarrett uses a clothesline for a nearfall then yells at the ref for counting slow. Jarrett now catches Tatanka with a sleeper and brings him to the mat. Tatanka fights out but then fires up as Jarrett rams him into the turnbuckle. Savage claims how this is turning out to be one of the great matches ever on RAW as Tatanka hits a DDT for a nearfall. Jarrett rolls outside and Tatanka brings him back inside and hits a flying chop for a two count. Jarrett rolls back outside then heads up the aisle. However he turns around and sees Dink then Doink runs out with a bucket and chases Jarrett, who retreats back into the ring and gets rolled up by Tatanka and loses the match (12:24) **1/4. Doink then raises Tatanka’s match as Jarrett cannot believe what happened.

Thoughts: The match was alright but really slow-paced. The finish was predictable though after Jarrett demanded the restart and I don’t think this did much at all to get heat on the cold Jarrett/Doink feud or build up Tatanka for his match against Undertaker on Superstars.


An ad hyping next week’s World Heavyweight Title match between Bret Hart and the 1-2-3 Kid.


King’s Court with guest 1-2-3 Kid. Lawler made a lot of jokes about Kid being skinny before bringing him out. Lawler tells Kid not to please the fans because they are idiots and mean nothing. However, the World Heavyweight Title does mean something and Kid has a huge opportunity to become champion next week and despite making fun of him is pulling for Kid to beat Bret. Lawler gives Kid a bit of a pep talk but Kid says that he is not only Bret’s friend but also thinks Bret is the best wrestler in the world today. Lawler tells Kid he will not win with that mentality and needs to punch Bret right in the nose to win. Kid says he has too much respect to resort to Lawler’s tactics and would not deserve to even be in the company. Lawler wants Kid to be a man and say he will punch Bret in the face but Kid says he will give it 110% and if luck is on his side then Bret will make a mistake and he’ll become champion. Lawler then tells Kid to win the title for him but Kid says the title win is not for Lawler but for himself. Lawler says he is pulling for him and to win for himself but Kid once again says he is doing nothing for Lawler as Gorilla puts over Kid’s attitude. They had Lawler try to stir the pot a bit by wanting Kid to say he’ll do whatever it takes to defeat Bret but Kid continued to put over Bret and said he’d try his best and not resort to cheating.


An ad for the Summer Sizzler Tour.


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/ “King of Harts” Owen Hart vs. Gary Scott

Neidhart bites Scott’s forehead as the announcers now talk about the Neidhart vs. Sparky Plugg match on “Wrestling Challenge” this coming weekend. Neidhart continues to beat down Scott as Owen yells into the camera how Neidhart carried the Hart Foundation. Savage tells us that Owen is pulling for Bret next week because he wants to be the one that beats Bret for the title. Neidhart puts Scott in the tree-of-woe and kicks away as Gorilla says both Owen & Neidhart will be on hand next week for the title match. Owen talks trash to Scott while the crowd chants “traitor” at Neidhart. The announcers now talk about Owen & Neidhart alienating the rest of the Hart family as Owen yells about Bret being a loser. Neidhart stays in control then uses a running powerslam for the win (3:17).

Thoughts: A match to give Neidhart some momentum heading into his bout against Plugg on Challenge. Owen yelling about Bret is always entertaining.


Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Savage congratulates Gorilla for his WWF Hall of Fame introduction then says they should go to dinner and how Gorilla should pay. Sharpe fails to slam Droese and ends up getting slammed then hit with an atomic drop. Sharpe fights back as Savage does the USA World Premiere movie read but Droese uses ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner then stays in control for a bit. Sharpe rakes the eyes and chokes out Droese against the ropes as the announcers talk about Martina Navatarola but Droese blocks a piledriver attempt and hits a slam before using a corkscrew elbow drop for the win (3:58).

Thoughts: Not much to this as the announcers talked mostly about non-wrestling happenings, which is a bit odd since you would think after all of the attention Lawler’s attack on Droese received they’d at least push that feud here.


DiBiase laughs and tells us that his Undertaker is up next.


We get a commercial of a young fan and his dad as they see Bret Hart walk towards the ring from the backstage area. The kid yells for Bret and Bret turns around and walks towards them. The kid says “got get ’em champ” as Bret smiles and gives him his sunglasses before leaving. We then get the “WWF New Generation” graphic on the screen. It will not be the last time we see this ad.


The Undertaker w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Bell

Gorilla tells us how DiBiase bought off Johnny Polo to make himself part of “All-American Wrestling” as Undertaker hammers away. Gorilla tells us that Undertaker is almost seven-feet tall despite the fact this Undertaker is not much taller than Mike Bell, who is under six feet. Undertaker continues to beat on Bell as DiBiase laughs while the announcers strongly hint that Paul Bearer is here tonight and will confront DiBiase. Undertaker then puts Bell out of his misery with a tombstone (3:59). After the match, Bearer comes down the aisle clutching his urn. DiBiase lays out the bodybag then Undertaker finally sees Bearer. DiBiase also sees Undertaker as Bearer motions Undertaker to come to him as DiBiase is flipping out. Undertaker moves closer towards Bearer then we go to break.

Thoughts: For those who missed All-American this week we learned that DiBiase bought off Polo and took his place on the show. However, the most important angle of the show took place after the match. with DiBiase able to get Undertaker back to him with more money despite Bearer’s best


Back from break as we see DiBiase pull money from his pocket and waves it in front of Undertaker’s face but Undertaker continues to stare at Bearer. DiBiase now pulls out more money and that was enough to get Undertaker to go back with DiBiase. We see DiBiase able to get Undertaker back to him with more money despite Bearer’s best efforts and now are supposed to think that the Undertaker has been officially bought off. That was the intent but this whole thing is dumb and the live crowds don’t seem to buy Brian Lee as The Undertaker. Lee has the mannerisms down but the height difference is noticeable on TV.


We return from another break and see Lawler backstage catching up with DiBiase. He asks DiBiase to be his guest on the King’s court next week. DiBiase his hesitant to be in front of the peons so Lawler says he’ll meet DiBiase anywhere and that is good enough.


Final Thoughts: Most of the show was hyping up next week’s Title match. They also closed out the show by promising us a special edition of the “King’s Court” following the post-match angle after Undertaker’s win but other than that is was a forgettable edition of RAW.