Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #341 – 06/11/1999

Hello You!

I enjoyed last week’s episode quite a lot, as we got an excellent match between Tajiri and Jerry Lynn and a huge angle at the end of the show when The Sandman made his return to ECW. This week’s show will be the go-home one for November to Remember 1999 (Which I’ll upload tomorrow) so I expect we’ll get a heavy hype job.

As always, you can read a recap of the previous episode of ECW on TNN prior to this issue of Hardcore TV from Mr. Scott Keith by clicking right HERE!

So with all that dealt with, let’s tape up our fists and dip them in poisonous gummy bears as we once again take things to The Extreme!!!

There are no first run matches this week

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with a backstage promo from Steve Corino, Rhino and Jack Victory. Corino talks about Sandman returning last week but notes that Rhino isn’t afraid of The Sandman. Rhino adds that he owes Sandman an ass kicking and says he’s going to make a name for himself by taking the ECW Legend out.

Show Intro: This week’s tagline is “If You Miss This Year’s November to Remember, It’ll Be A Regret You Never Forget”. (In a nice touch this week’s intro mostly focuses on Rhino destroying people, which is a good way of getting him over)

Joey Styles is in front of the ECW Banner, where he hypes up the card

  • ECW Title: Mike Awesome defends Vs Masato Tanaka
  • ECW TV Title: Rob Van Dam defends Vs Taz
  • The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm team up with Rhino to take on Raven, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

Next up we get clips of the closing angle from last week, as The Sandman made his return to ECW to rescue Raven and Tommy Dreamer from losing the Tag Team Titles.

Back to Joey in front of the ECW Banner, as he sends to clips from TNN as Taz and Sabu did battle with one another. Sabu eventually managed to pin Taz following a top rope leg drop through a table. The Impact Players of Justin Credible and Lance Storm attacked Sabu following the match, which led to Rob Van Dam coming down to rescue his on-again off-again tag partner Sabu. Sabu doesn’t take kindly to this though and punches RVD, which allows Taz to lock RVD in the Tazmission.

Following that, we get a promo from Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso, where RVD says that Taz now has to deal with him and that he was carrying the company as TV Champ even when Taz was the ECW Champ. RVD says he’s going to smoke Taz at November to Remember.

We go back to Joey in front of the ECW Banner, where he announces that Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten have challenged Da Baldies to a match at November to Remember as a result of a heel beat down from Da Baldies on the TNN Show. We see clips of this, as New Jack comes down to try and rescue Balls and Axl, only to end up getting stapled in the eye from Angel. It’s interesting as I think Big Vito was originally being positioned as the leader of the crew but this act by Angel essentially established him as the most prominent member as it developed a beef between him and New Jack.

Following those clips we get a backstage promo from Balls and Axl, where they talk about how offended they are at what Angel did to New Jack and promise revenge. They seem to be going for a blurred lines thing here, suggesting that Angel “went too far to get himself over”, which is something no one is going to buy because if Angel had actually gone off script to attack New Jack he would have just been fired. Joey adds at the end that Balls, Axl and New Jack want to go after Da Baldies at November to Remember.

More matches are confirmed for November to Remember
– Jerry Lynn Vs Yoshihiro Tajiri Vs Super Crazy (Urghh, did that match really need Crazy being added to it?)
– Chris Candido Vs Sabu

Simon Diamond gives a tour of the locker room, which is just an excuse for him to fire off some innuendo and introduce us to his Dick.

Joey hypes up Lynn Vs Tajiri Vs Crazy match before sending to footage of Tajiri attacking Lynn in the locker room and targeting his ribs. Joey says he feels sorry for Super Crazy having to get in between these guys when they hate each other so much. Yeah, it’s almost as if there’s absolutely no reason for Crazy to be in the match whatsoever and forcing him in is stupid when you could put him in there with someone else like Nova, Simon Diamon, Danny Doring, Spike Dudley etc and actually give the fans a fresh match instead of yet ANOTHER match where Tajiri and Crazy have to fight one another.

We get clips of the excellent match Lynn and Tajiri had last week. Lynn had things won with his Cradle Piledriver, but Steve Corino and Jack Victory interfered. Lynn managed to fight them off but the distraction allowed Tajiri to spit red mist at him and then lay him out with a brain buster to pick up the win.

Back at the ECW Banner, Joey hypes up November to Remember, outright saying it is ECW’s version of Starrcade or WrestleMania. We get another run down of the card, as the hard sell gets turned up to 11. Hey, at least they’re hyping a show that most people can actually purchase rather than dedicating so much time to an ECW Arena house show like they did a couple of weeks ago.

We get a backstage promo from Jerry Lynn, wearing his John Lennon glasses and looking like the world’s most extreme science teacher. Lynn says he’s going to kick Tajiri’s ass at November to Remember, which leads to a PULP FICTION MONTAGE, featuring the likes of Tajiri, Simon Diamond and his Dick, Bill Alfonso and Sabu, and Da Baldies (featuring new member PN Newz)

We get clips from 14 months ago, as Tommy Dreamer said goodbye to The Sandman by toasting a beer in his honour, only to then get attacked by Justin Credible, Jack Victory and Rod Price.

Next up we get a video package that is clearly meant to be to “November Rain” by Guns ‘N’ Rose, but WWE aren’t ponying up the cash for that so we just get generic slow rock played over it instead. The footage used includes Taz Vs Mike Awesome Vs Masato Tanaka from Anarchy Rulz 99, Dawn Marie paddling Tammy Sytch, Jerry Lynn getting attacked by Tajiri, New Jack destroying Rod Price with a guitar, New Jack getting stapled in the eye by Angel, Sabu attacking Rob Van Dam so that Taz could choke him out, Dawn Marie and Francine in slow mow, Raven and Dreamer winning the tag belts, Raven finally backing Dreamer up against The Impact Players and finally Sandman making his return to ECW.

In Conclusion

Nothing but hype this week, but it did make me want to watch November to Remember so I guess the hype did its job. Head back here tomorrow for the review!